I can remember reading and hearing that there are things out there made to distraction us. That all these distractions were put in front of us for a reason; to avoid the real issues.

As we grow near to the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, it seems to me that there are many distractions, to limit attention.  We all have busy lives, and find it hard to get through our day by day events.

Not only is this an important year for a 9/11 Anniversary, but it also falls on a good day to make it easier for people to come to New York’s Ground Zero. Sunday is the day, leaving Saturday for travel. Next year it’s Tuesday. If we don’t make this year a big one, I don’t think it will occur next year, or the year after that.

That’s why I implore people to come to Ground Zero on Sunday. Show our numbers to express that we still hold issues with 9/11, and have many questions that have not been answered or addressed. This year there is no need to debate the issue, it’s more important to bring to light that there are so many people who disagree with the conspiracy that was put forth by the Government and the Main Stream Media. The hour is getting late, and it’s too late to debate. It’s time for people to Google, watch, read, and educate themselves, but we need to show them the reason, by a show of our numbers.

In years past, we have marched downtown to the Federal Reserve and City Hall. Some thought should be taken to reverse that, and go uptown where there are more people. For a Sunday, people will be out in parks. If we hit some parks from Ground Zero, we can advertise to people better, and possibly inspire them to join us. Ending in Times Square would be a good goal.

Since it is on a Sunday, things must be at a high level of peace. Simply standing and finally marching with a tee shirt or sign. No debates or distractions, just inspire people to do the research themselves by seeing our numbers. A simple question mark with 9/11 underneath it, on a tee shirt or board will do. Just imagine a sea of question marks with 9/11 underneath. It’s simple, and to the point. No debate, and less controversy.

So if you want to make your stand for 9/11 Truth, be at Ground Zero on Sunday. Don’t wait another year when you and I will have so many more distractions.

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