Be The Change You Want To See In The World with Luke Rudkowski


In this video, Luke Rudkowski joins Jeff Berwick, the Dollar Vigilante, to discuss Luke’s global travels for We Are Change, the war on cash in India and witnessing poverty and tragedy in India firsthand, prepping for disaster, dealing with fear, government use of fear, self meta-programming and the mystery of life, manifestation, self improvement, gratitude and exercise, Jeff’s methods for dealing with depression, how most people are damaged in some way, getting in touch with your issues and dealing with them, pain projection in relationships, learning to love human beings to end the state, being the change you want to see in the world, opening yourself up to life, clouds have silver linings, and Anarchapulco 2017!

Luke’s India video: ‘SURVIVING Economic Collapse and Cashless Society In India’:
The Anarcho-Capitalist Perspective on India, War on Cash, Gold and Bitcoin:
Anarchapulco 2017:
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October’s Three Shocking Revelations w/ Luke Rudkowski

Election Low Down & Censorship Of Podesta Wikileaks, FBI Quid Quo Pro & Hillary Staging Violence !! 

In this video Luke Rudkowski just goes over 3 of the latest Hillary Clinton scandals that just broke. We go over the Wikileaks Podesta Emails, James O’keefe Project Veritas video and the FBI release of 100 documents relating to Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. Important election news showing the complicity of Comey and bias against Trump. Don’t forget to invest in us and support independent media through



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Changing the Face of Media with Luke Rudkowski – || Valhalla Podcast


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Luke has been an inspiration to me for years.

No seriously – he’s a gamechanger.

He first caught my eye being one of the filmers alongside Alex Jones and tons of other awesome men and women covering all kinds of topics but has really emerged into the scene of investigative and alternative journalism that really covers many of the worlds core problems and areas of corruption everywhere. He has travelled the world covering stories reaching millions of people and has done all of this just out of his own will. He has been arrested – threatened and even bailed out by his following on numerous occasions and well covering a different angle of the news isn’t always fun and roses. (more…)

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