Author: Colin E. Davis

The Spiritual Necessity of the Underground Arts

  Western popular culture has always had a discordant relationship to its shadow twin in the “underground” arts. Whether it be punk, industrial or heavy metal music, horror movie culture or the many sexually diverse forms of artistic expression, each is relegated to so-called underground status and generally dishonored by the “mainstream” culture. When I use the term underground arts, I am not speaking of the expressions of all creative but financially unsuccessful artists who struggle to survive in cities all over the world. I am referring to a specific sub-cultural ecosystem that is inspired by personal and collective...

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Cultural Alchemy – Social evolution from the inside out

  I certainly won’t deny the power of world politics and social dynamics to influence the individual. But I recognize that the inner state of the individual is equally as powerful and perhaps even more influential upon our lives. The domain over which we all have the highest degree if sovereignty and authority is our own consciousness, our own minds or psyches. Because our minds are so intertwined with our culture and the natural world, separating the two begins like a fish separating itself from the ocean in which it swims.  But the human being is a unique organism....

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