Author: Tyler Roberts

The Reality of SRA

There has been a healthy amount of skepticism and a growing push for transparency in U.S. foreign policy and military ops. A rarely-discussed topic of military corruption is one that makes many squeamish: Satanic ritual abuse (SRA). It is true that during the 1980s, what was known as the “Satanic Panic” took hold in the minds of Evangelical Christians across the country. Fears and conspiracy theories concerning an underground network of Satanists who committed horrible crimes and kept each other’s secrets had a wide-reaching influence, even in law enforcement. While there were real victims and perpetrators of abuse, MSM...

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Mountain Man’s Justice

The “mountain man” they call him, Ernie Wayne Tertelgte’s curious way of handling charges against him in court has recently raised some eyebrows. Tertelgte was discovered fishing without a license by police and resisted arrest when he refused to stop fishing. A YouTube video of his court hearing is blowing up online: Like a corporation, we are all given ‘legal status’ at birth (unless born in secret) and as we age, are regarded as ‘human resources’—you’re a trustee of your own body (the property) to the state (the beneficiary) from that day forward. The “living man” he calls...

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Home Is Where The Hemp Is

When we think about cannabis on a construction site, most people don’t imagine building materials. The United States construction industry has been missing out on one of the most durable, cost-efficient building materials known to mankind. Marijuana and the non-psychoactive hemp plant are both members of the cannabis species.  The psychoactive component of the marijuana plant (THC) does exist in hemp, but in extremely small quantities. Hemp is high in CBD, a different cannabinoid that counteracts the effects of THC and has shown to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects. So what can this plant really offer the construction industry?...

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Raw Milk Activism in the USA

The U.S. government’s ever-expanding reach in controlling the lives of Americans has extended to our kitchen table. Even though human beings have been drinking milk from cows, sheep and goats for centuries, here in America, only 10 states allow the retail sale of raw milk. Most dairy products in the U.S. must be pasteurized to be sold legally, and even in states that allow the sale of milk in its raw form, federal law says that it can’t be transported over state lines. Pasteurization is the process of heating fluid foods, and then quickly cooling them in order to...

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