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Blocking Ad Trackers With Ghostery

Advertisements used to pop-up and bombard your screen as you surfed the internet. Now, they’re smarter about it. As more and more people have discovered pop-up blockers, advertisers now embed their ads into the site you’re on and collect data from the websites you visit. For example, Wayne shops on for health supplements. In almost Minority Report-like fashion, an ad is displayed on the next website he visits; but what’s creepy about it is that it’s for the exact same supplement he had been previously been looking at. This is the world of targeted advertising through hidden trackers. Most of...

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Tor: Protecting Your Online Privacy

Internet privacy is becoming more and more important to understand as companies and governments are now collecting our information daily via the Internet. Throughout the next few articles, I’ll be highlighting a few of the more practical ways we can begin to take back our Internet privacy and improve our online experience. 1. Tor: Protecting Your Online Privacy Whether you’re an activist, journalist, casual Internet researcher, business professional or just someone who wants a bit more privacy, Tor is about as good as it gets for internet security. Tor, which stands for The Onion Router, is a “network of virtual...

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