Social Democrat Steinmeier Sworn In As German President

Frank-Walter Steinmeier has been officially inaugurated as Germany’s 12th president. Leading Social Democrat Frank-Walter Steinmeier was elected as Germany’s 12th president on February 12th, 2017. After Joachim Gauck had declined to take a 2nd term due to his age of 77 years.  reports that Steinmeier took the oath of office at a joint session of both houses of parliament. He later gave his inaugural speech on Wednesday. Steinmeier was previously replaced in his post as foreign minister by Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel earlier this year. During his tenure as foreign minister, Steinmeier was particularly critical of President Donald Trump’s campaign. Being a proponent of...

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Media Matters Founder David Brock Suffers Heart Attack

Media Matters founder David Brock has suffered a heart attack but is expected to make a “swift recovery,” according to reports that emerged on Wednesday. David Brock, longtime Clinton adviser, super PAC guy & MMFA founder, suffered heart attack yesterday, spox says. Hoping for "swift recovery" — Dylan Byers (@DylanByers) March 22, 2017 Bradley Beychok, Brock’s chief of staff, released a statement saying, “David Brock suffered a heart attack while working in the Washington DC office early Tuesday”. He went on to say that Brock was “…quickly transported to a local hospital, received prompt medical treatment, and we are looking...

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How “Letting Go” Can Positively Enhance Your Life

Have you ever felt so badly hurt by someone that you refused to forgive them?  Have you ever felt so disappointed with your own behavior that you refused to forgive yourself? Why is it so hard to let go and forgive others?  Why is it often times most difficult to let go and forgive yourself? There is a parable about two Buddhist monks walking along a river bank.  Suddenly, they notice a naked woman lying unconscious beside the shore. Without hesitation, the wiser and elder of the two ran to pick her up.  His pupil followed and together they...

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Ron Paul Predicts Inflationary Depression, Stagflation and Dollar Crash

Recently, Dr. Ron Paul broke down his views on the recent interest rate hike at the Federal Reserve and the direction he believes we’re heading within the monetary system. Dr. Paul made a familiar prediction, that we are headed towards stagflation, or an inflationary depression like we’ve never seen before. Stagflation is defined as a high inflation rate teamed with high unemployment and low economic growth. When the government spends unthinkable amounts of money while the Federal Reserve prints currency out of thin air, devaluing the currency, creating debt and inflation, this is a sad inevitability. Now, former Congressman Ron...

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Goldman Sachs Is Up To No Good! – Bank Sells $5.7 Billion In Bad Mortgages

Goldman Sachs is up to no good once again as they recently sold $5.7 billion in bad mortgages. Fannie Mae auctioned off these bad mortgages, which were then purchased by Goldman Sachs over the past year and a half. The bank then sells them as collateralized debt obligations (C.D.O.) which they’ll give a ‘triple A’ rating. Just as they did in 2008 to many risky packages. They will then insure them with a credit default swap (CDS) to ensure they won’t lose despite their continued failure. First, let us explain what Collateralized Debt Obligations are: A C.D.O. is when...

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