Depleted Uranium Used in Syria Admits US

Article via The Free Thought Project: One of the least talked about war crimes committed by the United States is the use of depleted uranium — a highly controversial radioactive waste that’s been dumped into Iraq by the ton. In spite of multiple international watchdog groups and health organizations pointing out the dangers of using DU, and in spite of the Pentagon claiming they wouldn’t use it, the United States just admitted to using it in Syria. For those that aren’t familiar with the radioactive waste that is DU, it is the byproduct of the production of enriched uranium for...

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War Criminal Tony Blair Calls on Remainers to Block Brexit

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair called on Remain voters to block the Brexit vote, claiming Leavers voted on a “lack of knowledge” Amid already low favorability over his war crimes in Iraq alongside George Bush, this move came as no surprise. Tony Blair in an outspoken Remainer and consistently moves to block the majority vote. Tony Blair has said it is his “mission” to persuade Britons to “rise up” and change their minds on Brexit, BBC reports, despite the 52% leave vote being a democratic victory for Brexiters – Blair is clearly intent on ignoring the democratic will of the...

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YouTube Community Rallies Around PewDiePie After Fake News Hit Job

Some news outlets send journalists to investigate the edges of society, looking to expose the dark criminals that prey on unsuspecting people. Then there is the Wall Street Journal. Three “journalists” at the Wall Street Journal used their time and effort to smear the most popular YouTuber of all time, PewDiePie a.k.a. Felix Kjellberg, in a pathetic attempt to police speech and grab attention. Kjellberg, a comedian with over 53 million subscribers on YouTube, had his YouTube Red series “Scare PewDiePie” cancelled and was dropped by Maker Studios, owned by Disney, after the Wall Street Journal published an article framing...

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Beware of TISA: TPP Replacement said to be Much Worse than Original

Article via The Free Thought Project: The president has a huge PR problem on his hands. How Donald Trump keeps his campaign promise to kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and remains on good terms with our Asian allies and trading partners may be as simple as a change in semantics. In other words, he’s simply going to call it another name; The Trade-in-Services Agreement (TISA). And some are saying the deal is much worse than the TPP ever was. According to the source who has inside documentation, the TISA, “if passed would prohibit regulations on the financial industry, eliminate laws to...

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