This video is unique. I haven’t really done anything like this before. 

In this video we talk about the flow state from both a personal and a geopolitical perspective, specifically focusing on China.

Right now China is trying to control its population out of fear of revolt. But in general, the more you try to control something the more out of hand it usually becomes. 

I have really been enjoying this new walk and talk style video and I hope you have, too. I have enjoyed the process of just getting up, walking and exploring, while having a natural dialogue. Some would call this the flow state.

While shooting videos like this I’m not trying to control the situation — I’m relaxing and working on my release muscle. I don’t even know where I’m going both physically and verbally, I just let the moment take me.

This has been healing for me. It’s important to take a step back and analyze everything happening in the world today from a more organic and natural perspective. 

And when decisions are being made we often see people walking and pacing. Why? Walking actually helps you get into the flow state by activating specific parts of your brain.

Our brains work better when we’re able to move around. 

Mainstream media and social media are bombarding us with as much information as they can while getting you far away from the flow state so you can’t really process what’s going on. A lot of media is fear based mind control that is used to control us and our thinking. 

When we don’t think, when we’re afraid, when we’re always traumatized, we don’t need to be convinced of anything, we’re creating our own nightmares!

A lot of people are in that state right now. They’re caught up in situations, jobs and relationships that they don’t like but they can’t do much about it if they never make it into the flow state where they get to relax and process. 

But we have to process and let go of trauma as individuals and as governments.

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