We are truly in a very unique situation right now. It feels like the world is on fire.

Historic protests are taking place in Hong Kong, Ecuador, Haiti, France, the Netherlands, Iraq, Chile, Barcelona, and of course Lebanon, which we talk about in detail in this video. 

We are joined by special guest Dustin Weinreb who is currently based in Beirut, Lebanon where over a million people are demonstrating in the streets.

The protests began on Thursday, following announcements from the government and have been mostly peaceful ever since — people are bringing their children, waving flags, singing songs, etc. amid calls for revolution and the downfall of the current regime. 

From what we can see online, the protests look largely peaceful and celebratory but Dustin shares his point of view after witnessing these protests on the ground that have included isolated incidences of violence. 

Dustin reveals many things about the protests unfolding in Lebanon that we cannot glean from social media posts online, including exactly who is protesting and why. He also tells us where he thinks things will go from here and if that may include resignation of the current government.

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