You don’t like the control-grid divide-and-conquer news matrix? Well then this is the video for you. 

In this video, we’re talking about today’s important news like ANTIFA finally picking on someone their own size, a shocking dreadlock false flag, it being illegal to say something in New York City, social media psy-ops, and of course boring topics like impeachment and Civil War 2.0.

Oh, and Russiagate 2.0. 

First we take a look at a video going absolutely viral right now showing ANTIFA standing in the way of an innocent, tiny elderly lady (with a walker!!) trying to cross the street to see a Libertarian politician, as elderly ladies sometimes do. ANTIFA even called her a German word that I cannot say on YouTube.

I also briefly touch on that time I was attacked by German ANTIFA on the streets of Hamburg, Germany. 

Next up is a shocking update to a horrendous story that probably didn’t actually need to be news in the first place. As it turns out, three evil, white, Christian schoolboys did not pin down their 12-year-old classmate and cut off her dreadlocks. The entire story was completely made up. But instead of talking about this girl, I go over some of the social conditioning in our society that led to this very unpleasant situation and what it says about you and me as consumers of the news.

What’s a good video without a brief rant about the resistance movement in the U.S. being co-opted by special interests? Meanwhile, China just quietly doubled their troops on the Hong Kong border as police warn that protests on China’s National Day are expected to be “very, very dangerous”.. Because they aren’t already…

And in the latest news out of the totalitarian police state that is New York City, you can now be fined up to $250,000 for saying a particular term that I reveal in this video.

Is anyone else in New York afraid to leave their house? 

In this video I also discuss the new revelations that a Twitter employee is also a British intelligence officer that worked psychological operations. Are you surprised? I’m not. You really need to watch (and process) this if you’re on social media.

And lastly, I reveal in this video that Donald Trump is warning of a “Civil War” if he is impeached. Yep, you read that right. Meanwhile, people in the United States are suddenly caring about whistleblowers and actual whistleblowers, including one I previously interviewed, are starting to notice.

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