(worldstarhiphop)WHITEHALL, Ohio – Columbus police confirmed a child was hit by a stray bullet Friday afternoon in Whitehall. The officer was executing an arrest warrant for a hit skip and heard cries for help from a home in the 4100 block of Chandler Drive, police said. According to a news release, a woman was suffering from self-inflicted wounds in the home. When the officer entered the home and tried to help an injured woman, a mixed-breed dog charged at him. He fired one shot, missed and hit the 4-year-old girl in the right leg. The dog weighs about 40 pounds. Neighbor Cole Baker said he was upset when he heard the news, because he has children living in his home. He said his own dogs are trained to protect his family, and would have probably been aggressive if an officer came into their home. “Dogs don’t know the difference between a police officer or not,” he said. “They don’t know a uniform. Dogs see a strange man that doesn’t belong in the house.” “We don’t want anyone to get shot especially an innocent victim,” said Denise Bouzounis, public information officer for Columbus Police. The girl was taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital and is expected to recover. The injured woman was taken to Grant Medical Center for her injuries.

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