Author: Jeffrey Phillips

The Next Globalist Corporate Takeover Explained In 2min

  In this video we have a surprize guest post from “Understanding More” a spoken word artists who under 2 min explains the globalist corporate takeover that is the TPP. With the trade deal being shrouded in mystery benefiting primarily the elite, it’s only the alternative media that has been keeping the public aware of the crave changes that will be enacted from the TPP. Created by ‘Understanding More’……………… —————————————-­—————————————-­———————— Support WeAreChange by Subscribing to our channel HERE… Visit our main site for more breaking news Patreon… SnapChat: LukeWeAreChange Facebook:...

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EgyptAir flight MS804 disappears from radar between Paris and Cairo

  National carrier EgyptAir said a plane carrying 69 passengers and crew on a flight from Paris to Cairo had gone missing on Thursday, disappearing from radar over the Mediterranean sea. “An official source at EgyptAir stated that Flight MS804, which departed Paris at 23:09 (CEST), heading to Cairo has disappeared from radar,” the airline said on its official Twitter account. Later Tweets by EgyptAir said the plane, which was travelling at an altitude of 37,000 feet (11,280m), disappeared soon after entering Egyptian airspace. The aircraft was carrying 59 passengers and 10 crew. According to, the plane was...

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We Are Losing the Ability to Think for Ourselves

  Vern Gowdie Dow continues to mark time around the 17,500 level…up a couple of hundred points…and down a couple of hundred. Disappointing earnings has the market looking for direction from somewhere. Gold was steady; the Aussie dollar is up a tad; meanwhile, oil hit a seven-month high. Interest rates are the hot topic of late. How low will they go? Will the RBA cut another 0.5%? Or even a full 1% or more? Who knows. Least of all the RBA. Taking rates lower is not going to shake the economy out of its deflationary funk. Central banks have...

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Elon Musk Exposes The Biggest Trick Played On The World

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the latest comments of Elon Musk of Space X exposing billions in corrupt pentagon spending on the weapons monopoly in the United States. We go deeper on Musk’s comments and highlight the problem even more and how it works against you. Invest in us here so we can contnue our operation and be a voice for and by the people. Sources………………………………… Support WeAreChange by Subscribing to our channel HERE… Visit our main site for more...

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The 3 New Shocking Revelations From Hillary Clinton’s Emails

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the latest and newest scandals revealed in Hillary Clinton’s email. These new emails show you a side of Hillary Clinton that the main stream media will never show and highlight a very deep concern when it comes to her reputation. Support us on if you want to see our work continue, expand and grow beyond the main stream media. Sources…………………………………………… Support WeAreChange by Subscribing to our channel HERE… Visit our main site for...

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Pennsylvania Cop who Killed Cat that Hissed at Him Cited for Animal Cruelty

PINAC In the normally quiet and small town of North Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, a concerned citizen called police to assist an injured cat named Sugar that had wandered in his yard. Police ended up killing the cat. North Catasagua police officer Leighton Pursell said the cat hissed at him, which made him fear for his safety, so he pulled out his shotgun and shot Sugar in the neck. He then tossed the carcass in a Dumpster without trying to find its owner. Sugar’s owner, Tom Newhart, was distraught and enraged, launching Residents became enraged and launched a Facebook page called...

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Why and How We Need To End The TSA RIGHT NOW!

In this video Luke Rudkowski rips the TSA a new one by documenting not only the latest long line scandals but makes a definitive case to end the TSA right now. We go over the history of illicit, illegal activities by the agency and how useless the actual agency is. Share this video and create a loud enough outrage that will help airports hire private security and finally get rid of this illegal inept government extortion racket. Support and invest in us on so we can go againts this criminal enterprize. Sources………………...

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Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Disney Pedophilia and Satanic Rolemodels Exposing subliminal sexualizing content aimed at young children from Hollywood, TV shows, Movies, and the pedophile fashion industry. Disney channel and Disney movies exposed. Young girls being turned into miniature sex kittens. Illuminati brainwashing and destruction of Morality. Read More...

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The Important Geopolitical News That You’re Not Being Told

In this video Luke Rudkowski gives you a full geopolitical breakdown of the latest news happening in the world right now and the propaganda told to the American people. We go over the news that is being censored and paint a picture that people need to understand in order to fully know exactly whats happening in the world. Just $1 a month on keeps us fully free and independent to do this job for you. Sources……………………………………………… Support WeAreChange by...

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