In this video, Luke conducts an important interview about the coronavirus and government response with Dr. Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity.

Which should you prioritize? Not getting the virus or protecting your liberty?

In this extremely important 2nd part of my interview with pathologist Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity

Chris explains why you really don’t want to get virus, including what parts of your body it may do damage to

And how it likely is a bioweapon that came out of a lab.

But Chris also explains how to responsibly defend your freedom and protest the government.

He also reveals why the World Health Organization leadership is a bunch of “scumbags”

And how he is facing censorship from YouTube for criticizing the WHO.

Chris also goes in depth about what’s wrong with coronavirus testing and the mass vaccination approach.

Plus he reveals what supplements you should take to keep your body healthy and prepared to fight off the virus.

And of course we talk about a possible second wave.

See part one below:

Pathologist Explains How The U.S. Medical System Screwed It All Up!

Be Prepared

With a major second wave possibly coming

You now have an opportunity to be prepared and get it right ahead of time.

So if there’s chaos again and the supply chain is breaking down, you can have the peace of mind of knowing you don’t need to panic and scramble for food.

I personally do this by always having a storable food supply that I get from SAFE PREPARED and READY 

Their storable food has a 25 year shelf life.

So even if your prepping for the next crisis, their storable food varieties make a great choice.

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