The video above is a very important interview with Dr. Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity.

He has been right on with his virus coverage dating back months.

I ask Chris to explain what’s wrong with the US medical system and how it’s screwed up our virus response.

Chris explains that Dr. Fauci and others have manipulated studies and demonized research that has been used very effectively in other countries.

Like research on effective treatments like Hydroxychloroquine.

At the same time, the US medical system has chosen to promote a much more expensive and less effective treatment.

Chris also reveals the countries that have done very well in stopping the spread of the virus.

They include Taiwan, Kuwait, Bahrain and Singapore.

You know what these countries have been doing?

They did immediate border closures and told everyone to wear a mask.

Now I know some of you may still think that wearing a mask is a symbol of oppression.

But don’t take it from me…

Watch the whole video to hear Chris explain how wearing masks slows the spread of the virus, protects those around you and makes it so that if you do get the virus, you won’t get nearly as sick.

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