The Fresno PD is under investigation and speculation within a vast majority of independent sources.

An activist by the name of John Lang predicted his own death for speaking out against the corruption of the police force here in Fresno county. His murder is shrined in mystery to the utmost severity. Drawing international recognition by the strongest hacker force to ever exist titled Anonymous, in which they publicly target Fresno Cities Representatives in claiming they would take down their website for lack of response or credibility for future investigations, stating “John Lang will not be forgotten”.

The police were found to be capitalizing illegally on Fresno residents by profiling, and scanning license plates of parked cars and then proceed to stalk the drivers of Fresno’s community in pulling residents over to harass and fine residents. By capitalizing on a corrupt ticketing system for the sake of monetary gain. John Lang raised awareness and was a major player in police watch activism he warned that if he died suddenly it was the direct responsibility and murderous hands of the Fresno PD. John Lang’s body was found stabbed to death in a brutal murder while his home was burning to the ground. This is not the only scandal of severity in harassment in Fresno, CA The local police have been noted recently for backwardly practicing with a new software program titled which once had the name title“Beware” which profiles local activist and places them in the same category of threat as violent “criminals”. The program has recently stop categorizing potential offenders with color codings or red, yellow, green yet the program itself in mass data collections has not been suspended.

The people of Fresno are simply bodies used as fuel for product and consumption through legal slavery, with the prison industrial complex and being at the mercy our our tyrants. With the Police  suspecting everyone in Fresno of wrong doing with the software program which scans all social media sites of our information, the Fresno police department is also implementing a program using a drone for bomb squad operations but with local PD in Georgia and Texas placing drones in use for security measures we must asks ourselves do we want to live and support a community where all local residents are being spied on electronically and watched from drones in the sky?

The situation is so bad that the international hacking group anonymous did a special highlight for John Lang’s death stating he will not be forgotten.


To John’s family this is for you: Your son was a warrior A freedom fighter One who stood holding hands with justice Allowing that energy to guide his light His sacrifice will be remembered His life flows into the soil creating new life Something happened when John died We were awoken Shocked back to life How many more John Lang’s must there be for us to find freedom He is a part of the moral ancestry as Author Brian Mooney so beautifully puts which ties human rEvolution together We have evolved from his passing We will not forget His light shines on

To those of you who doubt that law enforcement in Fresno, CA could do something like this:

Consider this review of news reports from California newspapers and American newspapers where they were shocked by the level of police power that exists in Fresno. That means news agencies across California and America specifically called out Fresno for the excessive police powers that are routinely used. Consider the extensive lists of firsts that the Fresno area has achieved in creating and pioneering spying and police state powers.

If you look at it this way, the Fresno police are the most dangerous police department in all of California and all of America – because they are at the forefront of creating a modern police state where all activists who dare to speak out against the police are seen as threats and everyone who even lives in the city is a suspect and the police act with complete immunity.

“In Fresno, more than in any other city, paramilitary police have become a part of everyday life” – New York Times

“Fresno has given local law enforcement officers unprecedented power to peer into the lives of citizens.” – Washington Post

“Far from being seeing the money as skewing… law-enforcement priorities” – Wall Street Journal

“Fresno… has more DUI checkpoints than any other city” – NBC TV

“In the context of a statewide investigation focusing in on four major police departments, the Fresno Police Department stands out in scale.” – Color Lines EVOLUTION OF THE POLICE STATE IN FRESNO

1999 -American news says that Fresno has the most paramilitary police force of any place in America

2002 – FAT was the first airport in America to implement an anti-terrorist facial recognition system, shortly after the September 11th, 2001 attack, which the ACLU said was a major violation of civil rights

2003 – California Attorney General investigates Fresno county sheriffs after they are discovered placing a spy in a local Anti-war peace activists group

2003 – Fresno University is one of first to work with military to develop ability to have drones spy on civilian populations

2006 – American news talks about how Fresno has more DUI checkpoints than any city in America

2006 – American news talks about how Fresno police are violating civil rights in new way arresting people who may be drunk before they even drive

2006 – Fresno county city of Clovis noted for having massive police state surveillance

2009 – Fresno police reach record number of shootings in short time frame

2009 – California government’s own law enforcement investigates multiple Fresno police officers for auto theft

2010 – American news talks about Fresno stops long-standing process of automatic review of police officer shootings

2010 – Survey of all police across every county in America shows that Fresno police are among the worst offending counties for recorded police misconduct

2010 – Independent investigation shows Fresno police have the worst transparency involving officer involved shooting of any large police department in all of California

2010 – Federal government investigates Fresno police officers violating civil rights of man by repeatedly shooting him with plastic bullets

2010 – Fresno county noted for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars to arrest marijuana growers by Federal government although legal in California

2013 – Fresno county bans all medical marijuana crops despite the rest of California allowing medical marijuana

2014 – Fresno police target civil rights advocate pastor who organizes protests against police destroying homeless camps

2015 – Fresno police reach record number of shootings in short time frame

2015 – Fresno city manager criticizes media for even questioning the integrity of Fresno police after Federal government investigation 2015 – Fresno has record excessive force lawsuits against police

2015 – Fresno county sheriff has massive increase in officers

2015 – ACLU accuses Fresno police of violating American Supreme Court ruling of 2010 by not treating immigrants fairly and coercing them into being prosecuted

2015 – ACLU finds that Fresno police have labeled the Black Lives Matter movement as “threat”

2016 – Fresno police arrest prominent civil rights activist pastor who organizes protests against police brutality

2016 – American news talks about how Fresno is creating police state of the future

2016 – International hacking activists group Anonymous attacks Fresno city and police online to highlight the mysterious death of Fresno activists John Lang


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