royal-raymond-rifeRoyal Rife made astonishing scientific breakthroughs, and you probably have never heard of him.

Born in Elkhorn, Nebraska in 1888, Royal Raymond Rife studied microbiology at John Hopkins University  and received an honorary degree from the University of Heidelberg.

He mastered several scientific disciplines and created his own private lab for experiments. If Rife needed a tool for an experiment, he had the mechanical inclination to make and produce it himself. Two of his greatest inventions are his universal microscope, the 6000-piece microscope capable of seeing viruses in vivo – something unheard of at the time – and his Rife machine, a frequency generator capable of destroying viruses, cancer, and infections without toxic effect to healthy cells.

At the moment, Rife’s legacy is regarded as a travesty, as greed has covered up the purpose of his greatest invention. Healthy people do not need drugs, or doctors, as frequently as sick people — so a society of healthy people will not make drug companies billions in profits a year.


rifemicroscopeRife’s universal microscope was a microscope unlike anything at the time, with reports of magnification at 60,000x, showing live viruses. Other microscopes with capabilities to do that were electron microscopes, requiring dead samples to be used. With his intricate tool, Rife found a new assortment of organisms to catalog, including tuberculosis and cancer, using a revolutionary staining idea. Today, most dye stains use acid or aniline base stains, to literally dye cells colors for visibility, even using radioactive sugar to follow cancer cells in tests like PET for nuclear medicine. But Rife was able to use monochromatic light tuned to specific frequencies, to highlight chemical consistencies of organisms. It was through careful observation, testing, and experimenting that led to his discovery of a possible Cancer Virus, or BX. This BX, through careful inoculation, was repeatedly discovered in experimented animals, after injection of the BX virus.


 tetanus_ spore_2Upon discovery, Rife wanted a way to treat the virus, and as so with his microscope, created the Rife Machine. This machine was based on a theory of using high radio frequencies, with his clinical beam ray reaching up to 3,000,000 Hertz. He created 5 successive ray tube machines, ranging in capabilities and capacities over a five year period. As he tuned and tinkered, he discovered that using x-ray glass, or other materials like pyrex, quartz, and glass, filled with inert gasses like helium and argon, created an effect similar to neon signs. This neon sign-style treat used a metal antenna tuned to frequencies, named resonance frequencies, and could cause the microorganisms to denature themselves. He attacked the molecules that hold the cells together, to quite literally cause them to blow up. Over the course of repeated testing, he could duplicate the reaction under his microscope, in animals, testing 400 animals, then testing humans. The end results were astonishing at the time, curing 100% of his patients with his device.


In a trial done in conjunction with the University of Southern California, and the Special Medical Research Committee, 16 terminally ill cancer patients were taken from Pasadena County Hospital, into Rife’s lab and exposed to the Rife frequency generator. After a 90 day therapy, 14 cancer patients, on the verge of death, were declared cured, and two remained 30 more days for more intensive treatment, and later declared cured. The most amazing part of this revelation is that his frequency generator had the capacity to destroy a plethora of bacteria and viruses. A banquet was held in 1931 to celebrate Rife’s extraordinary achievements, with 44 of the most recognized doctors in the country, held at the estate of Southern California American Medical Association Director, Dr. Milbank Johnson. A celebration, in the image above, in the Evening Tribune was the last of Royal Raymonds Rife’s accolades. In the following years, Rife saw everything he built, and believed in, destroyed piece by piece, thanks to the American Medical Association – and group funded by the Rockefeller family.


We can objectively look back on history, and determine clues of justification for this suppression of technology. But the rationale is of selfish greed, and lack of regard for the future of medicine and technology. To quote lyrics of rapper and activist Immortal Technique, in his song “Rich Man’s World,” he said, “No invention would benefit the world of man, ’til I have the money in my hand.”

The Head of the Journal of the American Medical Association, at the time, Morris Fishbein, sought to fight competition of the “orthodox” methods of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy drugs for treatment of disorders. In the 1980’s, the AMA was found guilty of conspiracy to restrain competition in their attacks on chiropractors.

New methods of health care have been discouraged, restricted and in some instances eliminated by the AMA, as found by the U.S. Court of Appeals. At the time, Rife technology would have killed the drug industry, and if he could cure all diseases, the health industry would struggle to maintain a profit.

When the health and wellbeing of society were purposely maligned for the purpose of profitability, someone needed to go to jail. Today, “alternative medicine” and therapy have never been respected as viable medical procedures and laughed at among many doctors, despite a lack of scientific trials examining “new” methods.

What happened to Rife’s research? After years of several raids, a final raid confiscated research, notes, and equipment, summing up to $40,000 in value, but priceless to humanity. Rife, forced to flee, went to Mexico and died in 1971 at the age of 83. A legacy, a man that should been talked about the way we see  Albert Einstein, was forced to go into hiding and run because he decided he wanted to help humanity.

Rife completely revolutionized how we could have treated diseases, but instead died because of a fatal mixture  of alcohol and valium, hiding from an oppressive medical board. How do you feel about this, or other revolutionary technologies being silenced to maintain a status quo for big corporations globally? Comment down below! Share this technology with the world, so people know that we have the solutions, we just are not utilizing them!scientific_genius_dies_1971

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