Something seemingly went unnoticed by mainstream press and alternative media.

During the Alien Cosmic Expo 2016, Victor Viggiani, a well known Disclosure advocate leaked 11 TOP SECRET North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) documents he calls the “Renock files,” proving that the UFO/ET topic is a matter of National Security.

Victor Viggiani reading from the documents claimed these documents show U.S. and Canadian government interest in the UFO phenomenon.

“Any distribution of this kind of information threatens National Security and should be down played at all cost.” ~Victor Viggiani

One of the documents he leaked was a NORAD document that shows on average 1,800 TOI’s (tracks of interest) were tracked annually over the period of 5 years and about 75 intercepted each year.

He also released documents of UFO’s found by the RCMP and air traffic control reports that confirm ex-Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer’s allegations that TWO CF-18s chased 3 UFO’s in 2001 at Comox Airforce Base and gained contact with these UFOs.

Viggiani ended saying “I might add I was threatened to be indicted by the U.S. Government if I released these documents I am releasing these documents today.”

“I dare the United States government to charge me.” ~Victor Viggiani

The documents Victor Viggiani leaked can be found on Mufons official website uploaded to

Disclosure is no longer seen as fringe, or crazy to believe we are not alone or the government is covering up extraterrestrial life. Maybe that’s because every other month now there is a massive sighting in our skies or in space itself and NASA has cut it’s ISS feed one too many times.

Now we know definitively that the U.S. wants to down play UFOs, something that could have been guessed since NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden released slides on UFOs that suggested a Cointelpro disinformation operation.

There is a reason the NSA and other agencies want to down play these UFO sighting incidents. They have absolutely no idea what these craft are or where they come from or what the beings intentions are. As the first former CIA Director Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter said to the NYTimes, saying the Inspectors General Called “UFOs serious business.”

The NSA has also acknowledged UFO’s in another document called “‘Key To The Extraterrestrial Messages”, as has the FBI who began declassifying some very pointed documents. One of these documents is blunt in saying extraterrestrials exist and are extra-dimenensional in nature and inter-penetrating Earth.

It’s time all this information comes out and the dots are connected and we end the secrecy and social stigma surrounding UFO’s and an investigation is opened up into what these objects are, where they are from, and we meet these beings publicly with first contact and advance our knowledge of the mysterious cosmos.


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