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Police are investigating the arrest of a juvenile female that resulted in an entire family being detained at a department substation located at Wal-Mart, charged with resisting arrest and interfering with an investigation.

The father claims his daughter was injured when an officer “slammed her nose up into her face,” then “slammed” her face into a desk top. When he and the mother showed up a few minutes later, he was tasered twice while handcuffed, his wife thrown to the ground.

John Hammond told RadioLegendary, ‘Bellmead, TX, cops assaulted my 15 year old daughter in a Wal-Mart substation. They slammed her nose up into her face, which is “an authorized pressure point maneuver” to subdue a sitting child, and then slammed her face into a desk, causing her to have ear aches and nose bleeds. Still have not made it home from her kidnapping/arrest for allegedly resisting arrest.

Then when we showed up within five minutes my wife and I was both arrested for resisting arrest, interfering with official duties, failure to ID. Keep in mind none of which we are obligated to perform. I was tasered twice in the back while handcuffed, once while I was standing and once on the ground. My wife was thrown to the ground, causing a badly bruised knee. I can’t wait to get the tape before it’s sealed under some gag order and I will release it. What caused all this? They wanted my child’s phone, a phone with no service. He snatched the phone out of her hand and she called him a “fucking dick” so two cops began to slam her head and face into a desk. And this man said he had been on the force for 40 years and was going to teach my daughter a lesson tonight. This same cop said he would beat his kids for talking like that. So where is his authority to beat my child?”

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