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In an shameful act of cowardice, the Attorney General, the top law enforcer in the nation’s Justice Department, has cancelled a speech he intended to give at a police academy graduation in Oklahoma City after protest organizers called for the new law enforcement officers to place the Attorney General in handcuffs for his wanton disregard for law and order in the U.S.

Holder was expected to address 42 new police officers in Oklahoma City on Thursday. Protesters have demanded that the Attorney General be arrested and while Holder will still be in Oklahoma City, he will not be giving a speech at the police academy graduation.

Hundreds of citizens were to be joined by law enforcement officials and other irate patriots who still labor under the idea that the Attorney General ought to be held accountable by the law.

Republican U.S. Rep. James Lankford, who is running for the U.S. Senate, highlighted Holder’s visit as inappropriate given Holder’s “tactics of obfuscation and redirection of blame.”

“Given his numerous questionable decisions, his unwillingness to cooperate with congressional investigations and his Justice Department’s opacity under this President, he would not be my first choice to stand as this Administration’s example of justice, leadership and integrity,” Lankford said.

“Holder’s action before Congress and his unwillingness to cooperate with our investigations of Operation Fast & Furious, the IRS targeting scandal and numerous other Justice Department boondoggles led the U. S. House to finally hold him in Contempt of Congress,” Lankford said. “For an executive agency with ‘justice’ in their title, they seem remarkably reticent to seek it when it involves their boss.”

Holder is an absolute disgrace. The man who has been tasked with ensuring that the laws of the land are being enforced has noticeably picked which laws will or will not be enforced on his watch.

Wilfully refusing to defend traditional marriage, codified in law by the Defense of Marriage Act, Holder sat on his hands as DOMA was scrapped. Since then, he’s advised state governments to not enforce laws on the books related to marriage and immigration issues.

Holder has also worked to block voter ID laws while claiming that voter fraud is not a problem.

This is from the same man who made it one of his first item of business after being appointed Attorney General to drop the case against Black Panthers who intimidated white voters with clubs outside voting stations in Philadelphia in 2008.

And, of course, the Attorney General has become infamous for his refusal to hold himself or his department accountable for the gun-running scheme, Fast and Furious, that left Border Patrol Agents Brian Terry dead and firearms in the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

This shouldn’t be a partisan issue; the simple fact is that we should not, we cannot have a disgraced “law enforcer” lecture new officers on the value of law and order when he, himself, remains in contempt of Congress.

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