As supporters of Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos were viciously assaulted with pipes under the glow of a firebombed generator-powered spotlight and looters destroyed a Starbucks, the mayor of Berkeley allegedly ordered police to stand down — after tweeting how the right-wing commentator is not welcome in his city.

Mayor Jesse Arreguin

Mayor Jesse Arreguin, a far-left liberal who was endorsed by Bernie Sanders, made no secret of his feelings about Yiannopoulos before the event began. The politician even took to Twitter to express his disdain.

“Jesse Arreguin will be Berkeley’s kind of mayor. He is a tireless and effective champion for workers’ rights, for civil rights, and for social justice,” Sanders said in his endorsement statement.

Not long after his tweet, supporters of the popular Breitbart personality, and President Donald Trump, were under attack.

The rioters smashed windows, spray painted violent messages all over the area — including “Kill Trump” — and began committing arsons.

Many present at the event, and watching on livestreams at home, began to wonder where the police were to put a stop to the chaos and violence. It became immediately clear that someone had ordered them to stand down and allow the rioters a free pass for destruction and assaults.

Arreguin has denied ordering police to stand down.

As Zero Hedge pointed out however, many are contradicting his claim.



The mayor also referred to Yiannopoulos as a “white supremacist,” and was forced to issue an “apology.”

Now, according to lawyer and popular author Mike Cernovich — the FBI is getting involved.

Cernovich boldly tweeted at the mayor and alerted him that he is “so fucked.” He did not elaborate on his source, but we have reached out for comment and will update if he provides us with more information.

Additionally, Cernovich is seeking victims of the violence to assist with a civil rights lawsuit.

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