Air flight costs

This graphic, courtesy of The Atlantic, highlights the disparity in flight hour costs for various aircraft in the US fleet.

LUZERNE, Mich. – Officials say a mechanical failure is believed to have caused the release of six training bombs and a training missile from a military plane over Michigan’s northern Lower Peninsula.

No one was injured due to the release, which WWTV and WPBN report happened Oct. 25 over Oscoda County.

The training weapons were on a plane heading to Camp Grayling from Selfridge Air National Guard Base in suburban Detroit when they fell off.

Lt. Col. Matthew Trumble, director of the Camp Grayling Air Gunnery Range, says it’s a “rare” situation.

The Guard says the missile was non-explosive and the six training bombs can release smoke so that pilots can see where they land.

In a bizarre end to a military exercise, that ended with training bombs accidentally falling from the sky, as a group of fighter jets heading to Camp Grayling from Selfridge were forced to turn around when they realized a rack of training munitions on one had reportedly accidently fell off.

The Michigan National Guard says the bombs and missile were found near Luzerne.

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