A fury of fists flew outside the Oscars, as Donald Trump supporters and protesters clashed Sunday afternoon at the boycott the Oscars protest.

A video uploaded by Ruptly captured the moment that incident occurred.

A female Trump supporter wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat was at the scene holding a styrofoam sign that read “Jobs Jobs Jobs!!!”

The woman then begins moving closer to a younger blonde woman “telling her to back up”

The blonde woman then grabs her sign and snaps it in half, and the two get into a brawl.

“Oh, bring it b*tch,” the woman says in an angry rage, as she begins throwing punches.

Another woman, a brunette wearing white, jumps into the middle of the skirmish and hits the Trump supporter while screaming “B*tch don’t touch her b*tch back the f*ck up.”

Police officers arrive at the altercation and grab both women, attempting to break up the fight.

Another man wearing an American flag hat also intervenes, saying “back up back up, ” prompting the brunette woman in white to move closer to him and scream, “b*tch you back up.”

The officers then walk both women away and proceed to handcuff them both.

It didn’t end there. A brunette woman then confronts another older woman wearing a Trump beanie and calls her a “big dumb b*tch [inaudible.]”

An older man with a beard quickly intervened, stepping between the two.

Another younger man streaming on his phone begins calling the brunette woman “fake and phony,” adding that “she has no respect.” A bigger blonde haired woman then begins arguing with the brunette woman.

“You get the f*ck out my face too b*tch,” the brunette asserts.

The younger Latino man then begins to tell his stream that the woman is fake.

“Look at this fake girl this youngster girl,” he says to his stream.

She responds calling the man a “b*tch!”

Another older man steps forward, and the brunette screams “get out of my face b*tch.” All of them then proceed to call the brunette “crazy.”

The younger Latino man then starts chanting “Trump, Trump to the fullest.”

The woman then walks away, telling them to “kiss her ass.”

The woman then comes back and touches the man’s camera, and the Latino man says “don’t touch my camera.”

She responds “b*tch I’ll touch yo camera hoe.”

To which he responds “you can’t even vote.”

The video cuts to an interview with the Latino man “I’m Latino, and I say build that wall these illegal immigrants I actually have a friend who’s son was killed by an illegal immigrant there’s a lot of crimes that are happening because of these illegal immigrants that I’m not for.”

Another Trump supporter, who was present in support of the boycott, said that “they are losing and it’s the price they are going to pay they are losing the support of the arts and films we are boycotting many actors and films and directors that have an anti-American agenda a globalist agenda or anti-Trump agenda.”

Dozens of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump rallied on the Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, Saturday, a day ahead of the Academy Awards ceremony, in order to defend the president and protect his star on the Walk of Fame which has been vandalized previously a number of times once with a swastika and again with a pick axe.


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