I’ve been telling you lately how the government is hiring thousands of contact tracers who will go after your medical history.

Well now the government’s coming after your web browser history.

The Senate voted to allow the FBI and CIA to spy on your web browser history without a warrant.

Of course this is part of the USA “Freedom” Act. Which reauthorizes the Patriot Act.

Cause of course there’s nothing more patriotic than letting the government know every little thing about you.

Also in today’s video, I cover the latest media news including the MSM attacking Elon Musk and lying about him

While protecting Jeff Bezos who doesn’t have to get permission to keep his business open and gets richer and richer as the government shuts down his competition.

Meanwhile some of these MSM outlets are getting what they deserve. Like Vice News which is announcing layoffs.

Watch the video to learn what other mainstream media organizations are at risk of going under.

Protect Your Privacy

I need to warn you that with the latest news….

Just using the Brave browser will not protect you from the FBI and CIA spying on your browser history.

But its an important step and its a much better browser than Chrome and Firefox.

Brave is a web browser focused on privacy that, when you download and use, allows you to earn cryptocurrencies. A small portion of the cryptocurrency you earn goes to us to help fund this independent media operation.

So not only are your protecting your data from Big Tech companies, your also supporting us without even spending a dime.

So if you haven’t downloaded Brave already, don’t wait until the surveillance state is in full effect. Do it now.

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