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As examined in my previous articles, HeartMath: The Heart Is More Powerful Than The Brain and HeartMath: Reading Between The Lines, readers hopefully have grasped the basis of the Institute of HeartMath. Let’s now take a deeper look into the Global Coherence Initiative launched by HeartMath…

Typically without realizing, individuals are constantly interacting with electromagnetic fields. Unseen to the human eye, these energy fields are not only measurable but also impact each person on a daily basis.

According to the Institute of HeartMath, the electromagnetic field of the heart radiates outwards and changes in accordance to one’s emotional state. In other words, scientific research confirms that the way an individual feels directly affects the area around them through the energy field that their heart emanates:

“Every individual’s energy contributes to the global field environment, and each person’s thoughts, emotions and intentions affects the field.”

HeartMath studies also show that the energy field of the heart can be measured up to several feet away from the body and affects other people, animals, as well as the surrounding environment. Realizing that one’s energy has the potential to influence, the Institute explains that it becomes a personal responsibility to decide what type of energy is being emitted. By striving for coherence, HeartMath infers that people have the potential to influence the global field environment in a positive way:

“Through collective heart-focused intention, we can help raise the planetary consciousness vibration, making it easier for more people to connect with their own intuitive guidance, which is one of the most important steps for shifting personal and global consciousness.”

By intentionally choosing the state of coherence, one is able to achieve heart-based living. HeartMath assumes that it is necessary to cultivate a society comprised of individuals dedicated to perceiving from the heart in order to manifest substantial positive change in the world.

HeartMath is committed to spreading the knowledge of heart-based living in the hopes of reaching global coherence. They have founded the Global Coherence Initiative to perform scientific research concerning heart-focused intention at the collective level in order to explore how humanity’s thoughts, emotions, and intentions affect the field. The Global Coherence Initiative explains:

“Science has shown that the earth’s magnetic field affects humans in profound ways, but our intention is to study how humans collectively affect the earth’s energetic field environment.”

To perform this task, the Global Coherence Initiative has created a project to strategically place 14 sensors around the world to measure the earth’s magnetic field. They believe that this monitoring system will facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the mutual interactions between humans and the global environment.

This network of sensors, called the Global Coherence Monitoring System, will also serve to provide scientific information regarding the connection between the earth’s magnetic field and collective human emotions.

The director of research for the Institute of HeartMath and the Global Coherence Initiative, Dr. Rollin McCarthy, voices his interest in understanding exactly “how we humans, and especially the emotional fields that we create in mass, also interact with and affect the fields of the planet.”

The Global Coherence Initiative will continue to conduct research in order to prove their hypothesis. The Initiative believes that enough individuals taking the personal responsibility to increase their heart coherence can lead to a critical mass movement of cultures and nations towards increased social coherence. They presume that this can eventually develop into global coherence, finally resulting in enduring peace.

To learn more, check out their video The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence.

Stephanie Marie

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