Luke reports live from outside of the Trump Tower on the “day of impeachment”..

Luke:  “There was a lot of comments online about how this was going to be a crazy day with Antifa taking over the streets. Here on the ground it’s quite the contrary, so far we only have a few Trump supporters and around forty anti-Trump activists. So it will be interesting to open up a discourse with these different individuals. I’m going to question both sides logic and discuss their mutual hypocrisy. I want to see if they want to impeach Trump for the right reasons or for the reasons that the media manipulated them.”

On the anti-Trump side Luke saw a lot of people with signs saying things like “Abuse of Power”, some people chanting, “Hey Hey Ho Ho, Donald Trump Has Got to Go”, some pink hats, a make America literate again poster and a guy with Trump puppet coming out of his pants.

Vladimir Putin was also apparently in attendance with the anti-Trump activists , or at least his masked look-alike.

Luke decides to start interviewing on the Trump supporter side, he speaks with a man who identifies himself as Red Pill Ken from Twitter. Luke asks him “Why are you out here supporting Trump?”

Ken responds, “Because an attack on Trump is an attack on Americana, it’s all about red, white and blue regardless of what background your from, if your from Americana, there is nothing wrong with being American first, the other side lost this debate in November when we elected Donald Trump, they seem to be on a pattern of trying to disrupt this man who we put in office and I am out here to give Mr. Trump my support. Also to let people know that most mainstream media is fake, it’s like CNN that’s why I have this t-shirt here, you know what Kathy Gifford did they are fake news, you have to go to different websites like Infowars, Drudge Report and Breitbart to get your news on an alternative point of view.”

Luke, “Are there any policies of Mr. Trump that you are disappointed in?”

Ken, “I’m disappointed that he has not repealed the ‘unaffordable care act’ and also upset about the strike on Syria that wasn’t Mr. Assad’s fault. I wasn’t in support of that at all.”

Luke, “What do you think of Trump aligning himself with the Kurdish rebels near Syria?”

Ken, “This is a mistake that Mr. Trump makes, he likes to give people the responsibility to take over their jobs. McMaster has a different viewpoint than Trump, the president has to get rid of McMaster because he is a globalist that wants to put boots on the ground, that is his mindset. It’s these people that are responsible, although it’s Trump who will be responsible in the tail end. I am asking him to get rid of McMaster. I will be the first one to call our president out when I think he’s crossed the line.”

Luke heads back to the anti-Trump side for an alternative perspective, he speaks with a gentleman who is wearing a black cape, Jesse Jackson for President pin, and a red eye mask.

Luke asks him why he is at the protest, the masked man responds by saying “There are 193 countries on the planet and this is the worst one.”

Luke “Why is it the worst one?”

Masked Man, “Which country causes the most destruction to the planet and to America, than the United States of America?”
Luke comments, “Well if you looks at pollution it is the U.S. the military does produce a lot of pollution.”

Masked Man, “What about the metal monster cars.”

Luke, “What would you say is your biggest problem with Donald Trump, if there was one issue that was important enough.”

Masked Man, “Actually it’s not really against, its sort of sympathetic, the man has an extreme medical problem, every indication is that he’s addicted to cocaine and it’s making him wild and mad and he’s not responsible. Aside from the meat and the alcohol, that he’s a cocaine addict, it’s an excellent excuse for him to get off, what else explains his behavior.”

Luke comments afterwards, “That may not have been the fairest guy to interview. I want to talk to more people to try an get a coherent answer as to why they want to impeach Trump.“

He then interviews another person in a pink hat, who says “I am out here because Donald Trump is a threat to this country and the world.”

Luke, “What do you think the biggest issue you have with Donald Trump, that you think he should be impeached for?”

Pink Hat, “He colluded with Vladimir Putin to become president and he is an unstable narcissist who is incompetent and has no qualifications to be president and I do not believe he won the election fairly.”

Luke, “When you look at Trumps foreign policy, he looks very aggressive towards Russia especially in Syria. Does it worry you that the moves he is making with Saudi Arabia and Israel against Syria and Russia.”

Pink Hat, “Well, it would take awhile for me to explain, but yes I am very unnerved about what he is doing in foreign policy. Not just Russia but also he has been selling us out to China he has been selling us out to the Saudis, he is conducting foreign policy for hire. His son-in-law’s company was basically selling Visa’s to rich Chinese people at the same time that he is deporting working undocumented people, he is selling immigration access to the rich.”

Luke says, “He has also been colluding with Saudi Arabia having donated 100 million dollars to his daughter after a major weapons deal, do you believe the Russian collusion with Putin is really a legitimate reason to impeach him though?”

Pink Hat, “I think that after Robert Mueller releases his report with all of the evidence it will be enough to initiate something.”

Luke returns to the Trump side of the protests, “Let’s see if they are going to stand behind him no matter what, or call him out for some of the mistakes he has made as President.”

Luke spots, a man carrying a Polish flag and introduces himself, Luke asks “Why did you come out here to support Donald Trump?”

Polish Flag Man, “I voted for him obviously, but today there were reports that there would be riots, that there would be a group of Antifa who are basically the communists kids trying to destroy everything, so when I heard they could riot and cause damage to the cities across the country, I’m not having that. Even though I disagree with the anti-Trump people, I disagree with Antifa a hell of a lot more… They don’t want to listen to anybody, even if you mildly disagree with them.”

Luke, “Are there any policies of Trumps that you feel disappointed in?”

Polish Flag Man, “At the moment not really, I was really hoping they would take care of health care though, that has been a severe problem for this country and you see the effects of it on a lot of people. The conservatives have had eight years to come up with a solution and now they are in conflict and can’t come up with something, you guys had all this time…”

Luke, “Are you concerned about him aligning with a group of anarchist and communists, the Kurds inside of Syria in order to fight the Syrian government?

Polish Flag Man, “That was an action of his that I did not really agree with, to attack Assad, especially over that chemical attack, there is conflict about what happened. I wasn’t in support of that, we see the pattern in taking down countries like these and taking down their leaders and the substitution for that will become ISIS. He understands why Putin is aligning with Assad to keep the greater evil out…. I was hoping we could focus on ourselves and fix stuff within.”

Luke, “I know a lot of people like to shift the blame on to McMaster but Trump is the one that appointed him. McMaster is hungry for war with Russia, while Flynn wasn’t, he was kicked out. I think unfairly on some levels and now he has a very pro war guy. They released a memo a couple of days ago saying they will strike Syria again if they use chemical weapons.”

Polish Flag Man, “I completely disagree with that policy, God I hope Trump doesn’t do something stupid… like that.”

Luke speaks with another young man named Tommy, Tommy says “He is just here to protect America, and to protect freedom of speech. These people want to completely change it into some sort of hybrid between communism and fascism. We weren’t expecting a riot this is just a way to protect against the potential of a riot.”

A man sporting an Uncle Sam style costume pulls out a large poster of ‘Michael Moore as Uncle Sam’ that says “I Want You For the Army of Comedy”.

He then he says “We need to control ourselves, because we can not win against ignorance. Let’s dress up, let’s make a mockery of this mockery, this is what we need to do guys. The question is not the answer ever.” to which a anti-trump activist asks “Your with Vladimir Putin right?” to which the man replies, “Pointing at Trump tower, he is with Vladimir Putin, I am very much not with Vladimir Putin.

Luke asks, “Do you think the Russian ties are the main reason for impeachment?”

Army of Comedy man, “I think the Russian ties have got to make us think about impeachment but we also need to think about that, we have eliminated freedom of the press by selectively lying about truths. We are discrediting people by race and religion, the last time that happened was under Adolph Hitler. Everything is a false truth to discredit people that say the truth.”

Luke asks a woman, “What is the most impeachable offense that Trump has committed?”

She says, “The most recent one is his tirades against Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, he has been stalking them, threatened them, harassed them and tried to extort them by threatening them with publishing bad news on them in the National Inquirer. If you or I did that we would be locked up for stalking.”

Luke “Do you think the tweets are the most important aspect of having him impeached?”

She says, “I would say there is a lot of evidence of his crimes in his tweets, the tweeting itself is not a crime, but there is your evidence, right there.”

Luke “A lot of people on the right make the argument that the media has been attacking him unfairly in some instances, whether appropriate or inappropriate what do you make of that argument?”

She replies “I never like to bring up Obama, but the truth is no president has ever been more harassed by media in general than Barrack Obama. How did he take it, like a man, this guy (Trump) takes it like a 12 year old boy that needs to wear diapers. He’s sick….”

Luke “What do you think of Trump’s foreign policies?”

She replies, “What foreign policy, to collude with our enemies, and disrespect our allies, that foreign policy?”

Luke discusses how Trump appears to be making foreign policy moves against Syria and Russia.

She responds, “I feel like that is just a distraction, he is looking to start a war, he is a psycho with the nuclear codes in his pocket and it’s very very dangerous.”

Luke, “who do you think the war would be between.”

She responds, “Probably North Korea…. I don’t know what news your listening to but I listen to the mainstream news. MSNBC and CNN”

Luke, “Do you think they are honest?”

She replies, “Yes I do actually, and him calling them fake news is a complete lie.”

Luke, “By the way, this is the same mainstream media that told us there was weapons of destruction in Iraq.”

She replies, “Well they were fed that information from the Bush Administration and Hillary Clinton believed it to. They often repeat the news as it’s fed, they didn’t lie, when you repeat something that’s given to you as truth from a reliable source such as United States Intel, it’s the U.S. Intel that’s the lie.”

Luke wraps up the video by commenting:

“Not too much logic there, I can’t believe people still believe the mainstream media or the Russian collusion delusion, these things will only lead to more war and more Balkanization. These things are a big distraction put on my the mainstream media and that’s coming from a fair perspective because I think there are legitimate reasons to criticize Donald Trump.
Let me know what you think in the comments..

We keep seeing the continuation of the foreign policy that was done by Bush and Obama now with Trump. Sadly most of the anti-Trump activists do not seem to be aware of this, many of the Trump supporters however are. They are also hopeful and optimistic about Trump’s policies which can be a fault when you give someone the full benefit of the doubt. These conversations need to happen more often so we can understand each others sides.

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