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For decades the American public has been forced to endure government policies on marijuana that are unbelievably idiotic and harmful to millions of completely innocent people. They’re so dumb that Americans have been ignoring these laws en masse, even though it threatens their safety, freedom, and prosperity. These policies are so outrageous that over the last few years, even local and state governments have been ignoring the asinine drug laws crafted by the feds.

The latest example of this resistance comes from Houston, Texas, the largest city in the state. Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, Sheriff Ed Gonzales, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, and Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo have decided that they will no longer charge anyone caught with less than 4 ounces of marijuana. The new policy will take effect on March 1st.

Anyone caught with pot will have to endure a four-hour drug class, and the marijuana in their possession will be confiscated by the police. No court appearances, no jail time, and no criminal records that could ruin the lives of harmless drug users. The officials behind this policy believe that it will save the county $10 million per year, keep 12,000 people out of the justice system, and give more resources to law enforcement for dealing with violent criminals.

The Sheriff’s office noted that “We’re really encouraged by these swift actions by the district attorney, and we are looking forward to working with Harris County’s criminal justice leadership identifying common-sense solutions to our broken criminal justice system.”

These days its pretty easy to criticize the justice system and law enforcement. After all, they’re the ones who have been ruining countless lives for decades by enforcing the drug war. But it’s heartening to see that these people are capable of opening their eyes and ignoring contemptible laws that have burdened Americans for so long.

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