In this video, Luke Rudkowski breaks down how Hillary panders to the rich establishment and then uses their money to fool you vote for her. Please share this video with anyone who is considering voting for her.


Hillary Clinton’s sheep in the media chase after her van in Iowa

Stop calling her Hillary

No, Rand Paul didn’t ‘storm out’ of an interview

More than 2 MILLION of Hillary Clinton’s Twitter followers are fake or never tweet – and she’s already under fire for ‘buying’ fake Facebook fans

Hillary Clinton and Inevitability: This Time Is Different

Confronting Queen Hillary Clinton

CBS Exposes Hillary Clinton Bosnia Trip.

The Clinton Dynasty’s Horrific Legacy: More Drug War, More Prisons

Hillary Clinton Was Asked About Email 2 Years Ago

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Man Kills Himself Holding ‘Tax The 1%’ in Front of Capitol—and Nobody Hears About It

Hillary Clinton Mocks Putin, Gladly Accepts $500K in Jewels from Head-Chopping Saudi Dictator

The New York Post Reports – FBI is Covering Up Saudi Links to 9/11 Attack

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