I Am Not A Collectivist – Beyond Politics

After reading a lot of the comments on my other videos:

Can We Think Outside The System: http://youtu.be/mBen57Rp–M
Can We Think Outside Of Money: http://youtu.be/rJYObLGPx2Y
What Is Human Nature: http://youtu.be/KU4IiqaJoCI
What Humanity Needs To Realize: http://youtu.be/EUCvjfZX5-M

I noticed how people were calling me a collectivist and a communist due to how I would like to see a world where we work *together* instead of against each other, where we *share* resources and where we take into account the well being of *whole* as we do things.

In this video I attempt to explain why my views differ from the world of politics altogether. I hope this clarifies certain things, however if you want to get where I come from I laid it out clearly in my free eBook:

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