In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on CNN actually reporting the truth! This is such a rare occurrence that I am even shocked and stunned at what CNN just did!


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Transcript –

Okay so I’m going through and use this morning and of course I’m looking for the article to talk about today to dissect to go through and of course give you more contact and information for that of course the mainstream media will never give you and then I come across CNN and I am absolutely shocked stuff.

Mainly because.

I actually did a good job. Hold on hold I don’t leave yet please don’t leave don’t low no no no no no not here for just one second please cuz trust me I’m not a fan of the crap use Network in any way shape or form I confronted Paula Zahn face-to-face before question Erin Burnett before and of course the media darling that is Anderson Cooper not once not twice OG what a surprise when you type in a we are change CNN Anderson Cooper to you too I’m trying to find out exactly how many times I confronted him and of course nothing comes up so does look like I just confronted him twice you just saw how rig the algorithm is coming back to the original Point hear CNN has even previously put out a fake copyright strike against this very news organization of false strike with no merit that took away our live streaming ability for over a month and hurt this Independent News. For no reason with absolutely no ramifications at all so trust me the love affair here doesn’t exist between me and CNN but when it comes to this article.

I think even though this hurts to say this I think they actually did a good job but that’s why I in this video we’re going to read along this entire article and of course be hypercritical of it giving you an important context as we see it to of course the bigger ramifications behind this story and by the way this is all possible because you loved you are support us and one way of supporting us is by literally buying a t-shirt on store we are changed or you feeling good like we’ll be just into the scription and you can buy a new shirts I would just put out like this at the same time representing your discontent with brainwash masses and supporting a small Independent News organization so yeah I’m moving forward to this article which has been actually reposted by other alternative media that I actually trust let’s get into this story which is titled sold to an ally lost to an enemy exclusive report by I can’t. Scene at the byline reads the US ship weapons and secrets to the Saudis and Emirates now some are in the hands of Fighters linked to al-qaida and Iran story which was developed by actually for journalists that we’re going to get into right now now before we even get into this article the first things are popping into my mind is number one that this is nothing new is something that I’ve been reporting on for a very long time with even the second most popular video on our YouTube channel breaking all of this down in great detail and we even knew from the Hillary Clinton emails that were released that she knew that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding Isis and allowed it to happen we knew we knew that Obama with his foreign policy was creating the conditions to let the Islamic State rise he knew this knowingly and willingly and supported those efforts because of the longer bigger geopolitical gold the United States had which was ousting Bashar al-assad so this is nothing new. Like CNN is giving an exclusive report on another aspect of this now if I’m being hypercritical a little bit late to the game since I’ve been talking about this since 2014 and even before a lot of times that this was happening not only by the United States and in my opinion from the evidence that I saw on purpose let’s see if CNN takes a very similar to take on this particular issue or maybe if they’re just running cover for course the military industrial complex Saudi Arabia and its Coalition Partners have transferred American-made weapons to Al-Qaeda Fighters Hardline selfie militants malicious and other factions Waging War in Yemen in violation of their agreement with the United States a scene investigation has found the weapons have also made their way into the hands of iranian-backed rebels battling the Coalition for control of the country exposing some of America’s sensitive military technology to Tehran. Potentially endangering the lives of US troops in other conflict zones okay so here is that a bunch of weapons were lost and there ended up ending up in a bunch of people’s hands which it seems like it’s being attributed to malice but we’re going to see you in a little bit now getting this is not a surprise to me because what I was doing on the ground reporting in Mogadishu Somalia I also reported on the fact that the conditions have deterred so much in Mogadishu mainly because of so much for an intervention and not only money but guns being sent down there but of course I’m number of government factions and those guns ended up just being sold to the highest bidder which is one of the major issues.

The people of Somalia are dealing with right now in those larger ramification smell again the angle that scene and is taking here’s that this is sensitive military technology in the hands of Iran Contra hurt American troops if the US fights Iran again I’m already not liking this continuing on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates its main partner in the war have used the US manufactured weapons as a form of currency to buy the loyalties of malicious or tribes bolster chosen armed actors and influence the complex political landscape according to local commanders on the ground and Analysis who spoke to CNN this is most likely an analyst against someone very Anonymous we should be skeptical of this it could most likely be an intelligence officer or someone on the ground or even on the Pentagon but again let’s not speculate.

Moving on quote by handling off this military equipment to third parties the saudi-led Coalition is breaking the terms of its armed sales with the US according to the Department of Defense.

According to CNN presented its findings that you have defense official confirmed that there was an ongoing investigation into the issue and I predominantly whenever you have a quotes us defense official alarm is Source here saying that there’s an ongoing investigation it.

Not always but this is the language of guilty people quote to the revelations raised fresh questions about whether the US has lost control over key Ally presiding over one of the most horrific Wars over the past decade surprising to see CNN call the war one of the horrific Wars in our past decades and whether Saudi Arabia is responsible enough to be allowed to continue buying the sophisticated arms and fighting Hardware in investigations establish that u.s. made weapons were used as a series of deadly Saudi Coalition attacks that killed dozens of civilians many of them children yes that is true especially a Boeing missile that killed children also came as Congress outrage with radio.

Over the murder of journalist Jamal khashoggi last year considered.

Weather to Forest and end to the Trump Administration support for the Saudi Coalition which relies on American weapons to conducts its war and again it’s not only just here is that it doesn’t just rely on American weapons it’s relies on American Personnel American fighter jets American intelligent US soldiers on the ground in Yemen right now as well as a bunch of American mercenaries and contractors private militaries from the United States who are fighting for of course the rich Gulf Oil States most importantly you’re a bigger aspect that I haven’t seen since I met you yet alongside radicals alongside wahhabist alongside Al queda and I’m not making.

Share this video with your friends who don’t know anything about what’s going on geopolitically but the United State is a line Not only was Saudi Arabia but I’ll cater on the ground in Yemen right now causing one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

An important factors CNN I wish you would have mentioned that once again this even came out with an official investigation by the AP that’s found out that us allies and I’ll carry it up or not only battling together but the Coalition that the United States is a part of in Yemen fighting against the coetzee iranian-backed mostly Rebels that Coalition is going into territories where Al queda has a bunch of control gaming Al queda a bunch of money and saying hey just move away from here then they bring in the reporters and say look we got rid of arcade in this region meanwhile I’ll cater which is fighting alongside is just incentivize and is becoming more and more financially supported as the u.s. Coalition with Saudi Arabia is fighting against the hood sees the United States is on the side of Al queda I’m literally been talking about this for years been called a crazy person Illuminati conspiracy theorist well for freaks sakes finally a p. On the CNN or even admitting it I’m so let’s continue on with the CNN article here in 2015 or the coalition to oust Iranian supported hootsie Rebels from the country’s capital and reinstate the international recognize government of President Abu rabu Mansour Hadi into and with it came the weapons Not Just Guns but anti-tank missiles armored vehicles heat-seeking lasers and artillery all flooding into an unruly and complex State since then some of America’s beautiful military equipment quoted as US President Donald Trump wants called it has passed on sold stolen or banded in Yemen state of chaos where murky alliances and frustrated politics means little hope for any system of accountability or tracking some Terror groups of gain from the influx of us arms but he seen and I think it’s fair to say a lot of the terror groups have gained by just from the influx of us ours but just from the United States. Very first statement with all the evidence we have provide.

About two years continue nuts with the barrier of Entry to Advanced Weaponry now lowered by the laws of supply and demand militia leaders have been ample opportunity to obtain military hardware in exchange for the manpower to fight the coetzee malicious arms dealers have flourished with trades offering to buy or sell anything from the US manufactured rifle to a tank to the highest bidder and Iran’s proxy so captured American weapons they can exploit for vulnerabilities or reverse engineering for Native production quote do you have American Guns here and hear CNN actually portrays a video of course you can just buy any kind of weapon and you haven’t pacifically u.s. assault rifles I’m just going to read the highlights here where one of the arms dealers in Yemen said quote the American Guns are expensive and sought after the weapons trade a replied in an exchange captured by undercover CNN cameras linked to aqap again aqap means that. In the Arabian Peninsula the Abu Abbas Brigade now possesses u.s. made Oshkosh armored vehicles paraded in a 2015 show of force throughout the city bus is again declared terrorist by the United States which of course still has support from Saudi Arabia.

Has been made.

By the United States and now is literally in the hands of al-Qaeda and the UAE.

Air-dropped American-made tow anti-tank missiles on the same Frontline where of course I’ll Kata aqap was operating in the end this is not the first time that this is actually happening it actually happened even in Syria directly where Isis was fighting along and their positions were reinforced from u.s. airdrop switch again we captured and detailed on this channel years ago so this is nothing new and another reason why I don’t think that this is accidental or just in the case of Saudi Arabia doing this there’s more to the story of course and obscene I will highlight the local officials confirm that the airdrop happened and then scene and try to investigate more the team was intimidated by local government and couldn’t find out more information they also found paperwork for other very heavy US military equipment there this is the interesting part here quote the United States has not authorised the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the United Arab. Can we transfer any equipment to party’s inside Yemen Pentagon spokesperson Johnny Michael told CNN the US government cannot comment on any pending investigation that you might as well say you’re just guilty of and use violations of Defense articles and services transferred to our allies and partners.

Iran information here not a surprise here that allegedly Iran is assessing this US military technology very closely TV channel broadcast images of Muhammad Al muqit.

The factor rubber leader probably sitting behind the wheels of a captured us made mrap in the capital Sana as crowd chanted quote death to America in the back row.

Minutes might as well just be Boeing slogan as we of course discovered all of their hard.

Settling Syria but now also in Yemen most likely all over the world just in the hand of radical jihadis engineering on CNN obtained an image showing the cereal summer of a second American mrap in the hands of another senior hootsie officials last year in Houdini considering on the members of the for speaking to CNN anonymously out of fear for his safety again probably going to telligence officer.

Can’t really trust about him sources reveal that Iranian and Hezbollah advisers have already gotten their hands on the armored vehicles and other US military hardware wouldn’t surprise me but I still don’t understand the secrets to hear interesting scene in actually even requested a comment from Iran.

Living on 3rd part of this article is and bold called that the human cost of conflict in the statement reads quote the flood of us Weaponry is fueling a conflict that has killed tens of thousands among them children on school buses and families fleeing violence and pushed Millions more to the brain.

Salmon Creek correction it’s not the brink it is a famine with some saying that it could even be the worst famine in the last hundred years CNN actually showed up very kind of graphic images images of a child starving which of course we can’t show here on this channel that I think needs to be continuing on at the end of this article it says quote the u.s. is by far the largest supplier of arms to both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and its support is crucial to the Saudi LED Coalition continuing war in Yemen I got a very failing War which also Jo politically has huge ramifications cuz it’s clearly also showing the world that Saudi Arabia even with its vast amount of money.

Still can’t successfully have a victory.

Militarily continuing on but there is scant evidence that the White House wants to listen despite evidence that the actions of a key us Ally maybe Mayer making America less say ending it with the Donald Trump quote when previously asked about the US arms deal to Saudi Arabia saying quote I don’t want to lose all of the investment being made into our country quote he said and of article holy cow I mean.

Not that bad of a job it could have been way worse obviously I like a lot of other rational people will look at geopolitical news do believe that you know radical islamist like Al Qaeda and Isis are the bigger threat here compared to of course Iran which of course this article.

How old weight of that propaganda and pushed it since you know them the bigger wahabi.


Islamist Isis Al-Qaeda groups have been the ones that have been committing the terrorist attack.

Actually in the west and since a lot of their ideology comes from Saudi Arabia which finances schools and mosques and other institutions in the west that promote that kind of core belief system I do believe that that is a bigger problem I think it’s very clearly evident of that other than.

Iran which isn’t perfect.

When you comparing the true it is absolutely backwards at the United States allies.

Which Saudi Arabia that’s my opinion A Broken Clock could be right twice a day still kind of shocked and stunned to see these kind of naturally bigger but like middle middle truths presented by CNN especially in exclusive reports that actually highlighter.

Evidence of it of course I still distress CNN like I would a fat kid with a big piece of cake is only one thing that’s going to happen but when someone surprises you I think it’s it’s worth mentioning and giving credit where credit is due but if you think I’m wrong let me know why in the comments section below I always try to answer your questions and comments within the first hour that a video is out so make sure you hit the notification button if you want to be a part of these bigger discussions coming up because we usually provide videos and a livestream too many times a week here of course on our YouTube channel and thank you so much for watching this is sticking along so long with us.

Love you guys stay tuned for a lot more here on YouTube, we are change.

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