Welcome back all you beautiful and amazing human beings. I’m very reluctant to make this video, but I feel like I have to and which I will explain later in this video.

Trumps supporters including people at Breitbart feel increasingly disenfranchised with Donald not keeping the majority of his campaign promises. This disillusionment has only increased with the latest ouster of Steve Bannon and Trumps recent Afghanistan announcement.

A vast majority of Trump’s base seem disenfranchised excluding one person, and that would be Alex Jones himself. Alex after the Afghanistan announcement has been putting out content where he states that he has “inside intelligence” that Trump didn’t mean what he said during his announcement. That, “this is a Trump’s secret strategy to kill terrorists, rebuild Afghanistan, and pull out.”

If you’ve been following American foreign policy for the last 16 years you know that’s not a secret policy you dumbass. It’s the same neoconservative talking points that Bush, Obama, and now Trump are following.

They are using this as an excuse to stay in that country. In this video of Alex Jones trying to explain this neo conservative doctrine which he has turned into 8D underwater backgammon since it’s no longer just 4D chess. This is just an optimistic assertion by Alex that he’s putting out based on no facts. It’s tied to his media empires income which caters to Donald Trump supporters. Even Alex’s Jones former head writer Kurt Nimmo has said that Alex Jones is becoming a “neo con apologist.”

We’re seeing those same neocon talking points being ushered in by Donald Trump who is saying we need to stay in Afghanistan because of 9/11.

I don’t want to be too critical here. Let’s give this calmer version of Billy Mays another chance, let’s hear it from his own mouth and let’s see what he truly believes on this very important topic.

Alex Jones “We’re a big enough show now where if he’s not going to tell him a strategy because you don’t tell us what you’re gonna do but then you don’t want to. Constituents get mad that he has betrayed us. You know, I’m kind of in a quandary here, but Trump always told us what he was gonna do, that he never lied to us, he hasn’t lied to us, but he said I will not tell the enemy what I’m gonna do… I don’t want to say deceptive, but I will put all options on the table when we do something militarily because you never tell folks what the options are or then you’ve eliminated those options.

What I think we’re seeing is a real presidential strategy here, and my gut is the exit is a very strong victory pulling out with an economic deal not giving the extremists a safe haven and cutting off the globalist operation of playing footsie with the al-Qaeda and ISIS folks. Dr. Steve Pieczenik that’s a mouthful but is that somewhat accurate or is that wrong.”

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: “It’s completely wrong.”

His guest Steve Pieczenik who has been on his show for years now and has backed a lot of what Alex has said is telling him that he is completely wrong. This still hasn’t fazed Alex Jones, who’s still going on and is saying that “Trump is trolling our enemies.” That he still somehow plans a complete Afghanistan pull out when that’s clearly not what Donald Trump said. It’s all based on his secret sources with no facts or evidence presented at all. Let’s go back and let’s try to explain some of this 8D underground, underwater backgammon, that Alex Jones is spewing to simplify it for you.

Alex Jones: “Trump always told us what he was gonna do that he never lied to us he hasn’t lied to us but he said I will not tell the enemy what I’m gonna do, and I will be I don’t to say deceptive, but I will put all options on the table when we do something militarily”

My Translation: So Trump is not a liar, he hasn’t lied, but now he’s lying.

Alex Jones: “Never tell folks what the options are or then you’ve eliminated those options what we’re seeing is real presidential strategy here and my gut is the exit is”

My Translation: It’s really presidential to lie to your constituents about a promise that you made to them.

Alex Jones: “The exit is a very strong victory pulling out with an economic deal not giving the extremists a haven and cutting off the globalist operation of playing footsie with the al-Qaeda / ISIS folks.”

My Translation: So Trump is gonna stop the globalist operation that got us into this war. A war that has been raging on for 16 years where our servicemen and women of this country have died, and that will continue to die in. He will pursue this war so he can fight and stop the people who started this war. That’s what he’s saying, and it’s insane.

Alex: “That’s a mouthful but is that somewhat accurate or is that wrong.”

Steve Piezenik: “It’s completely wrong.”

This is happening as Donald Trump has just authorized sending an additional four thousand American men and women of this country to Afghanistan for no reason at all. After Steve Bannon’s ouster from the White House, Donald Trump is almost surrounded by generals, by military contractors, and Goldman Sachs within his administration. They have his ear and are deciding policy together along with people like General McMaster who is a part of secret societies like the Bilderberg Group.

We are learning that McMaster allegedly showed Donald Trump photos from Afghanistan in the 1970s of women in miniskirts to urge him to stay in Afghanistan.

This is on the heels of U.S. led strikes just days ago in Syria that killed over a hundred people. U.S. coalition strikes that targeted troops and forces that were directly fighting ISIS.

One of the things that Donald Trump did that he was praised for by his base was the fact that he stopped financing rebel groups inside of Syria. He stopped sending them money and arms that would eventually end up in the hands of radical Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Nusra. Even though he has done that, he has not stopped being the air force for ISIS by attacking those people that are fighting them on the ground.

When he announced the cutting of funding to rebel groups inside of Syria he also announced that he would be supporting far-right groups in Ukraine by arming them against the pro-Russian forces in that country.

This is all happening as Donald Trump is directly aligning himself with the chief exporter of Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia. The number-one country that exports terrorism, a country that he has worked with and collaborated with when it comes to the attacks and the inhumane bombing of Yemen. Bombings like this one, that just happened moments ago where forty-seven people were killed and ten others injured in an attack on a motel. A motel where civilians were targeted.

Donald Trump has chosen to align himself and support a treacherous Human Rights violating country like Saudi Arabia that arrests people for simply doing the Macarena. Are you kidding me!

Donald Trump has outlined with his administration’s policies that he is ready to go to war with Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and others while continuing the failed policies of his predecessors. There’s a reason he’s expanding the military just like Obama did. Boosting and increasing funding for the country that already spends more on the military than almost the entire world combined. This is occurring while programs for the poor get cut, the rich get richer, as the defense business is bankrupting this country, indebting our children and will eventually end in the death of the US Empire. But no, no, Trump’s different.

I think the President of Russia Vladimir Putin a man who many perceived came into power through force and intimidation said it perfectly when he said,

“I have already spoken to three US presidents they come and go, but politics stays the same at all times. Do you know why? It’s because of the powerful bureaucracy when a person is elected they may have some ideas, then people with briefcases arrive well-dressed, wearing dark suits just like mine except for the red tie since they wear black or dark. These people start explaining how things are done and instantly everything changes. This is what happens with every administration. Changing things is not easy, and I say that without any irony. It is not that someone does not want to but because it is a hard thing to do. Take Obama a forward-thinking man, a liberal, a Democrat. Did he not pledge to shut down Guantanamo before his election but did he do it?”

I don’t want to go into great detail about these men in black suits, but I will make a separate video about that. So stay tuned.

Even though presidents change, the primary policies that affect us those that fuel the military-industrial complex, that cause death, suffering, sicknesses, and destruction of humanity never get changed. Meanwhile, the divisive issues whether amongst race, sex, or statues are being pinned against us to divide and conquer. So that we don’t see the bigger picture and that picture is becoming clearer each day, and sadly some people don’t want to see it.

You could even see it in Donald Trump’s announcement on Afghanistan when he was reading from a teleprompter which many media outlets even claimed was depressingly routine. He sat there like a robot reading what someone else wrote for him and wasn’t speaking off-the-cuff like he usually does. This is a man who just committed a major flip-flop that he has been campaigning against ever since October 2011. He said it himself,

Now it’s important to note here that Barack Obama made those same promises and had the same point of view as Donald Trump. Obama flip-flopped himself using the same “secret strategy” that Alex Jones talks about regarding “fighting terrorists and rebuilding Afghanistan and then leaving.” The same strategy in order to justify the stay of US soldiers during this insurgency.

This is just one of the similarities that we see between Trump and Obama. They show and protect the interest of elites like all presidents before them.

They continue the same failed the doctrine over and over again. We should no longer say Obama did this or Hillary was bad to justify these moves. You cannot blame your actions that you’re perpetuating on the person that did it before you. Two wrongs do not make a right, and it’s time to take some responsibility.

For the people who supported Donald Trump, they need to admit that they are tricked. The elites are not stupid people. It’s hard to admit that you have been fooled but this is the same thing that we see almost every eight years. George W. Bush ran as a non-interventionist. President Barack Obama promised to end all of the wars and pledged to fight Wall Street. Donald Trump promised us that he would be anti-establishment and anti-globalist and has sadly become what he initially said he was opposed to. It’s a continual trend unless we wake up, educate ourselves and learn about this repetitive destructive cycle. We need to look for the answers and solution within all of us. Stop propping up other individuals by giving them our power and do the right and moral things that need doing in this country.

I love you guys and I care for you guys. I know a lot of people are buying this disinformation that’s being thrown at them and it saddens me to see people tricked. It’s hard to see people calmed, to see people become hopeful, to the extent that it hurts them. It’s not okay, and it needs to end now.

Now it’s not very popular in the anti-establishment community that I am in to be the skeptic, to be the contrarian, to criticize Donald Trump. I know I’ll get some flak for it, but I am still looking forward to your constructive comments.

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