With the recent ISIS attack in Florida, its time to tell you what the mainstream media and the government won’t repeat. Mike Cernovich, a lawyer and writer that has broken several stories in this election cycle, forcing the mainstream media to report the truth, recently tweeted this –

The truth is, there are several documented ISIS terror cells operating in the United States. The government and the media won’t discuss this, perhaps because this might cause mass panic, or perhaps because the government itself is cultivating these ISIS cells. In either event, the recent attack has created an information leak – the Orlando attacker had help.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistani militant group, operates 35+ training camps in the U.S., in 22 states, under the disguise of the “Muslims of America” group. It’s leader, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani is also accused of setting up the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was beheaded en route to interview Gilani in Pakistan in 2002. Gilani and his organization are also suspected of committing assassinations and firebombings inside the U.S.

What’s most shocking is these terrorist cells are well known to the   FBI and other agencies since the 1980s yet they do nothing and allow them to exist in the United States. There is even a document by the FBI showing clearly these groups planned a terror plot in Canada in 1993.

Despite Gilani’s ties to various previous known terrorist like shoe bomber Richard Reid and Beltway DC sniper John Allen Muhammad, and a current investigation by U.S. intelligence agencies on Gilani’s  ties to Al-Qaeda, these camps are allowed to exist on U.S. soil creating a safe haven for potential jihadi terrorists. A former member of Muslims of America, who goes by Mustafa is quoted as saying —

“Gilani is the leader of the group, he’s a former member of the Pakistani Military. His father was one of the founding fathers he has great connections to the Pakistani intelligence, the ISI. Each member is required to send 30% of their income to Gilani. That money is then used to fund the Taliban in Pakistan.”

MOA or Muslims of America isn’t even listed as a foreign terrorist organization, by the U.S. State Department.

This is not about Islam or race – this is about a violent extremist camp blatantly allowed to be operated in the U.S.
Even the Tea Party was called a sovereign terrorist organization by the federal government, yet this group with its leader under investigation for ties to Al-Qaeda isn’t?

This should be worrying to every American citizen. The documentary below shows this group’s operation in the U.S. and shows that this group is NOT peaceful. Terrorists have also been caught coming in from the Mexico boarder according to an ex-CIA agent. What’s more, last year terrorists were caught setting up a training camp in Oregon.

Here’s a quote from Gilani himself that describes the group from the recruitment video explaining how to handle American “infidels.”

“Act like you are his friend Then kill him.”


1. Marion, Alabama
2. Baladullah, California
3. Oak Hill, California
4. Squaw Valley, California
5. Tulare County, California
6. Buena Vista, Colorado
7. Tallahassee, Florida
8. Commerce, Georgia
9. Jessup, Georgia
10. Springfield, Massachusetts
11. Hagerstown, Maryland
12. Hyattsville, Maryland
13. Coldwater, Michigan
14. Binghamton, New York
15. Deposit, New York
16. Hancock, New York (National Headquarters)
17. Talihina, Oklahoma
18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
19. Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania
20. York, South Carolina
21 Dover, Tennesee
22. Houston, Texas
23. Waco, Texas
24. Fairfax, Virginia
25. Falls Church, Virginia
26. Meherrin, Virginia
27. Red House, Virginia
28. Roanoke, Virginia
29. Bethany, West Virginia
30. Onalaska, Washington

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