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Video streaming by Ustream

What will the donations will be used for:

  • New office studio for video production
  • A video editor and graphics artist
  • New video equipment
    • Upgrade Streaming Equipment to broadcast with 60d Dslr
    • 2 Clear Wireless cards ($100/ month) to improve quality and reliability of stream connection
    • New Dslr lenses to shoot better at night
    • New protective gear for protest coverage
  • RNC DNC coverage, travel and expenses
  • Freedom of Information requests
  • Legal Council

For decades, a shadowy and secret elite organization called the Bilderberg Group has plotted policy together that subjugates humanity under the cover of darkness. From June 1-3, WeAreChage will be broadcasting LIVE from from Chantilly, VA @ If you want to continue to hold these politicians accountable and make sure the elites continue to hear the voice of the people, donate @

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