Thank you so much to everyone who donated and signed up to become a WeAreChange Sponsor this past week! We are very grateful for everything we have been given.  We promise we will do our best and give it our all to expose the truth. Although we won’t have enough for a studio just quite yet, we will be using the money wisely to expand our operation and take WeAreChange to the next level! We are especially excited about upgrading our streaming equipment to give you a never before seen LIVE experience from the ground (become a WeAreChange Sponsor for behind the scenes videos of us testing the new equipment).

Yesterday, we teamed up with Mark Dice and Adam Kokesh to produce a couple different videos in DC.  Follow me @LukeWeAreChange for notifications for when those videos are released. Again, thank you to everyone who donated and please consider becoming a WeAreChange Sponsor!

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