The controversial movie about the CDC whistle-blower VAXXXED is now available to rent and stream until September at your home so see the film the main stream press has covered up. Even Robert De Niro who censored the film at the Tribeca film festival regretted censoring it after his own autistic son changed overnight after he received a MMR vaccination injection.

“Everybody doesn’t seem to want to hear much about it. And you guys are the ones who should do the investigation,” De Niro challenged. Regarding another film about autism that is showing at Tribeca, De Niro said “it’s not questioning how some people got autism, how the vaccines are dangerous for certain people who are more susceptible. Nobody seems to want to address that, or they say it’s a closed issue but it doesn’t seem to be. There is more to this than meets the eye, believe me.”
~Robert De Niro



The argument is that MMR vaccines potentially cause autism which before prior the Polio vaccine SV40 is documented on record to have costed people their lives and caused cancer by the CDC themselves now deleted page which you can confirm existed using’s time machine. Also here’s more evidence SV40 has been detected in some human tumors.



So what is the probability that the MMR vaccine causes autism is there any research that suggest MMR could potential cause autism in kids? Yes there is a ton of evidence including – court cases, various studies, whistle-blowers and quotes by Health community officials themselves.

This is all on record if you really want to dig. But I figured id do the digging for you documenting all this in one place with the VAXXXED movie itself so you can follow along and check my research and understand where all this comes from decide for yourself despite a senior CDC official saying it with 1,000 documents to back his claims.

This issue isn’t new it’s been known since the 1960’s that MMR causes autism has admitted this publicly.

“Rubella (congenital rubella syndrome) is one of the few proven causes of autism”
~Walter A. Orenstein, M.D., former Assistant Surgeon General and Director of the National Immunization Program, in a 2002 letter to the UK’s Chief Medical Officer.

Then in 1998, a study by Dr. Andrew Wakefield and colleagues published in the respected medical journal the Lancet allegedly found a supposed link with autism and bowel disease which has since been retracted and called an elaborate fraud. Where another medical journal Mercola found that new evidence refutes fraud findings in Dr. Wakefield’s Case.

Andrew Wakefield was also the director of the censored movie VAXXXED.

In 2015, Dr. William Thompson a CDC whistle-blower confirmed the previous claims made by Dr. Andrew Wakefield in 1998 who is strongly discredited.
Thompson alleges that his colleagues in a 2004 study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control covered up and destroyed 2004 study documents that showed a significant link between the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella) and autism in African American boys vaccinated before 36 months.

“The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism.”
~CDC Senior Scientist Dr. William Thompson

If that’s not enough after the revelation by the CDC whistle-blower other doctors have questioned the MMR vaccine’s safety. Even Dr. Peter Fletcher, former Chief Scientific Officer at the Department of Health in the UK, says “there is thousands of documents that are being ignored that prove the dangers of the MMR vaccine.”

“The refusal by governments to evaluate the risks properly will make this one of the greatest scandals in medical history”
~Dr. Peter Fletcher said.

“It’s time to clean up the CDC cesspool Dr. Thompson must speak, under oath. We all need to email the Congressional Oversight and Reform Office today and request that Dr. Thompson be issued a subpoena. If the CDC intentionally hid the data that the MMR vaccine was associated with autism, then CDC heads need to roll this needs to end now!”
~Dr. Brownstein A Top Doctor said.

The CDC whistle-blower story originated by Sharyl Attkisson, a former CBS News journalist so even a former Mainstream journalist believes vaccines could have a link to autism. In addition, a current CBS reporter and friend of We Are Change Ben Swann also exposed this story during his segment “Reality Check” and exposed the Vaccine Court established by Congress in 1985 which prevents people injured by vaccines from suing vaccine companies on his Truth in Media series.

On July 29, 2015 U.S. Congressman Bill Posey even read William Thompson’s statement on the House floor.

There are additionally several court cases although the CDC and Pharmaceutical industry would love to have these covered up i dug them up. One MMR clinical trial’s results were faked by Big Pharma Merck. Merck knowingly falsified its mumps vaccine test results to fabricate a “95% efficacy rate.” In order to do this, Merck “spiked the blood test with animal antibodies to artificially inflate the appearance of immune system antibodies.” As reported by Another case in an Italian court in September, 2014, “ruled mercury and aluminum in vaccines cause autism” and awarded a plaintiff’s family compensation for their young boy who developed autism from a six-in-one hexavalent vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. GSK even admits INFANRIX Hexa can cause several deadly illnesses but insists that its risk-benefit profile “continues to be favorable.” In 2013, Two Kids were awarded by the vaccine court with millions confirming the MMR vaccine causes autism.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has even brought up the link between autism and the MMR vaccine saying “it’s the preservative Thiomersal in the vaccines that causes autism.” He also wrote a piece weighing in on the CDC whistle-blower entitled – “CDC’s Latest Tuskegee Experiment
African American Autism and Vaccines.”

Thiomersal isn’t the only ingredient in vaccines admittedly they even put traces of aluminum which is classified as a neurotoxin to the body and admitted that “despite using it for 90 years medical sciences understanding about using aluminum as a vaccine adjuvant is remarkably poor.”

“Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant. Despite almost 90 years of widespread use of aluminum adjuvants, medical science’s understanding about their mechanisms of action is still remarkably poor. There is also a concerning scarcity of data on toxicology and pharmacokinetics of these compounds. In spite of this, the notion that aluminum in vaccines is safe appears to be widely accepted. Experimental research, however, clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation and associated neurological complications and may thus have profound and widespread adverse health consequences. In our opinion, the possibility that vaccine benefits may have been overrated and the risk of potential adverse effects underestimated, has not been rigorously evaluated in the medical and scientific community. We hope that the present paper will provide a framework for a much needed and long overdue assessment of this highly contentious medical issue.”
~ US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health said.

I hope this has empowered you learning more about the dangers of vaccines and foreign materials you inject into your body and this helps you to make a more informed decision rent and watch VAXXXED for more on this subject. In fact even scientist are worried about the MMR link to autism why shouldn’t you be?



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