By Alec Cope
We Are Change

The Dutch town of Rotterdam, plans to be the first to use recycled ocean plastic for “snap-on” modules that will form roadways. The city will collaborate with the VolkerWessles construction company to make this dream become a beneficial reality.

VolkerWessels’ easy snap-together design mimics the qualities of Lego toys making necessary repairs a fairly easy endeavor. The pre-fabricated pieces will be hollow enabling an easily accessible infrastructure, allowing for simple repairs. The roads could also be moved around to different locations which accommodates the Netherlands’s environment. Not to mention the elimination of expensive and the excruciating maintenance of traditional asphalt roadways. Besides, you can’t move asphalt roadways can you?


Apparently the plan is still “years away”, but as humanity continues to evolve and choose actions based upon the coherence of our planet – we’ll make a beautiful place.  With news of solar bike ways performing “better than expected” and so much more, there is no telling what this world will look like two decades from now. To learn more about what kind of world we can realistically create, read my 2 article series detailing the paradise this planet should be and will be.

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