New Movie exposes Clinton’s corrupt Trade secrets

New Movie exposes Clinton’s corrupt Trade secrets

‘Follow the money’: Movie exposing secrets of how Clintons became rich after quitting the White House to be shown on eve of Hillary getting her party’s nomination

  • ‘Clinton Cash’ documentary is being screened at Cannes
  • Producers plan to air the blistering indictment on the eve of the Democratic National Convention – when she will be installed as candidate
  • Based on the book by the same name, the film links money given to Bill Clinton for paid speeches to decisions Hillary Clinton made at State
  • It also suggests all those contributions to the Clinton Foundation weren’t pure altruism 
  • They and were meant to get the Clintons to overlook human rights violations by unsavory world leaders, movie suggests

Audiences in Cannes are getting a taste of the searing new documentary ‘Clinton Cash,’ which offers a harsh indictment of the paid speeches, personal favors, and personal enrichment that have accompanied Bill and Hillary Clinton through their decades in politics.

And if the movie-maker’s wishes come true, so will Americans – the night before Clinton is formally named her party’s White House candidate

The hour-long movie attempts to follow the money that has flowed toward Bill and Hillary Clinton since the former president left the White House, and suggests that much of it came from a cast of companies and countries seeking favorable treatment from the powerful pair.

Among the more damaging revelations in the film: out of 13 speeches ex-president Bill Clinton gave that earned more than $500,000 on the speaking circuit, 11 of them were during his wife’s reign as secretary of state.

The film also probes the $1.4 million Bill Clinton got from a Nigerian newspaper to deliver two speeches in 2011 and 212, notwithstanding Nigerian President Good luck Jonathan’s human rights record.

The New York Times called'Clinton Cash''the most anticipated and feared book' of the presidential election cycle - and the movie will only make it bigger  

The New York Times called ‘Clinton Cash’ ‘the most anticipated and feared book’ of the presidential election cycle – and the movie will only make it bigger

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It also also lays out unsavory dealings in South Sudan, the Democratic of the Congo, and Haiti, as it constructs at thesis that regimes and companies ingratiated themselves with the Clintons through charitable contributions to the Clinton Foundation and by offering hefty speaking fees to the Clintons.

Then it looks at who among the Clintons’ employers had something to gain, like TD Bank, a company that backed the Keystone XL pipeline and payed $2 million for Bill Clinton speeches.

The film doesn’t present hard evidence of an illegal quid pro quo, but it lays out a torrent of information for viewers to consider, and throws in images of blood-stained cash to drive the point home.

As if on cue, Hillary Clinton released a personal financial disclosure form this week that reveals she got $5 million in royalties from her 2014 book and $1.5 million in speaking fees in 2015 as she was gearing up to run for president.

Based on the book by Hoover Institution fellow Peter Schweizer, the film connects the dots between donations to the Clinton Foundation or given to the ex-president for paid speeches and decisions Hillary Clinton made while being secretary of state.

‘Cronyism and self-enrichment are a bipartisan affair, and Hillary and Bill Clinton have perfected them on a global scale,’ Schweizer says in the film.


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Peter Schweizer's book and documentary links donations coming into the Clinton Foundation, along with money given to Bill Clinton for paid speeches, into policy moves Hillary Clinton made at the State Department

The film is being shopped around at Cannes for a distributor, while the creators are looking toward a television deal too.

The plan is to air the documentary the night before this summer’s Democratic National convention – at precisely the time Hillary will be trying to recover from persistent attacks by rival Bernie Sanders that she is beholden to corporate interests.

 The film follows the same story-lines as Schweizer’s ‘Clinton Cash’ book, which was released right as Hillary Clinton was getting on the campaign trail last year. At the time Republicans like Sen. Rand Paul, who was also seeking the highest office, called it ‘big news’ that will ‘shock people.’ The New York Times said it was ‘proving to be the most anticipated and feared book’ of the presidential cycle thus far.  Schweizer narrates the hour-long documentary and says his investigation of the Clintons basically followed what he called the ‘oldest adage in American politics.’

‘Follow the money,’ he noted. 

While the Clintons were ‘dead broke’ upon leaving the White House, as Hillary Clinton once said, the couple brought in at least $136.5 million between 2001 and 2012. 

Speaking fees helped pay the bills, but what was notable, Schweizer pointed out, was that while Bill Clinton had been out of office for nearly a decade, all of the sudden his speaking fees skyrocketed. 

The reason? Hillary Clinton was just announced as President-elect Barack Obama’s secretary of state. 

The author noted that of the 13 speeches in his career that fetched the ex-president more than $500,000, 11 of them were during his wife’s reign as secretary of state.

Politifact, for the record, rated this accounting as true.

From there, Schweizer looked at who was giving money to Bill Clinton, either for paid speeches or to the Clinton Foundation, and then whether those donors ever got anything in return from Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

The example that’s likely the most familiar to Americans revolves around the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

TD Bank, which had a stake in the pipeline project going through, had never sponsored a Bill Clinton speech before, but then suddenly moved $2 million his way.

At the same time, Schweizer pointed out, the State Department had to approve the project.

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Hillary Clinton soon decided to support the pipeline delaying the Obama’s rejection of it.

‘It was shocking,’ Schweizer noted in the film. ‘Organizations like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth were stunned, they wanted investigations, but everybody was mystified.’

‘Nobody could understand why Hillary Clinton would sign off on this deal, particularly when she had been in favor of dealing with climate change and her boss, Barack Obama, by all indications, seemed to be opposed to this deal as well,’ the writer added.

In another instance, Bill Clinton is paid $750,000 by the Swedish telecom company Ericsson, which was in trouble by the U.S. for selling equipment to Iran.

A week later, the documentary points out, the State Department ruled that Ericsson and other companies were off the hook and could provide oversight to themselves.

Beyond those cases, Clinton Cash explores some of the Clintons unsavory alliances in Africa, especially in countries where the leaders are known for civil rights abuses and corruption.

It also details the Clintons dealings in Haiti after the country’s disastrous 2010 earthquake, calling what occurred ‘disaster capitalism.’

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