In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on what many are calling a failed summit.

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And there’s no peace deal North Korea shocking news coming in just moments ago from of course the second Summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong on which sadly urgently broke down and didn’t broke her a bigger piece teal and that’s why in this video we are going to tell you exactly why this really didn’t happen as well as expose some of the Sinister awful blood-thirsty propaganda as being pushed by the mainstream media pimps about this very specific issue and by the way we’re able to do that because we’re supported by you the viewer and if you go to we are change the report so I donate don’t forget to tip your favorite creator for the work that they are doing for you for free which now you can do in many cryptocurrencies physical mail or credit cards through our main website we are change. Org forward slash donate now of course the larger geopolitical situation behind this peace deal not working out is a very complex one but we’re going to try to simplify it here because I don’t know if you know but there still is a nun. Lying cold war going on between Western powers and of course new establishing powers that mainly center around oil natural resources currencies the petrol dollar and other key geopolitical factors that have set world powers against each other the United States predominantly uses its military might to keep their hegemonic power and a dominant in many of today’s world markets and to assert itself against challenging powers and I do believe it is in large part this militarism that played a factor here because if you even look at the latest current events with Donald Trump promising to pull troops out of Syria but yet that has been stagnant postponed and even undermined by Donald Trump’s own Administration there’s also a very aggressive move by the United States pushing for of course regime change in now Venezuela or even now International reports are coming out of the United States moving military hardware and troops. Are the Venezuelan border all in the name of humanitarian Aid which of course. The bigger cover for the bigger geopolitical should you get the United States really cared about humanitarian Aid if course would be helping out the people of Yemen but they’re not they’re working with Saudi Arabia helping them I’m not country literally the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth right now another North Koreans are very aware of this and have even brought up Libya as a failed model of supposed humanitarian intervention that the United States got involved in and left it in a very very horrible destroyed despotic separated state which now not only has an increase of radical Islamic terrorist but also slavery and the North Koreans are well aware of that the same as Warhawk a neocon John Bolton being a part of these larger piece deals is also a larger hindrance here since he not only called for striking North Korea first but also called for the quote. Be a model during the middle of previous negotiation saying we need a Libyan model in North Korea which the North Koreans were warning about that they didn’t want actively sabotaging this from also withdrew from the Iran deal which had an impact since the last time that North Korea met with the United States and of course there’s a lot of mixed messages out there and it’s not only just a militarism of the United States that the world has to worry about right now as of course tensions are rising right now with India and Pakistan to nuclear powers that are on the same continent as North Korea and as there is fear of a wider War happening between these two Mega Powers with fighter jets being shut down tanks moving closer to the border and people warning of a full-blown War because there is a lot of uncertainty and a lot of things to worry about that are still up in the air and that’s why there’s no surprise that this didn’t work out and I personally do believe that the current situation with Venezuela and the United States definitely play. More of a significant role that a lot of people would admit it would sense of course not only the United States is trying to actively overthrow Maduro the Venezuelan president but also because of Venezuela has close ties with China which is really the main economic trading partner of North Korea China of course has a huge loan to Venezuela. Of course they expect to be repaid with Venezuelan oil this is a long-term deal and if there was an overthrow if the United States would get involved that huge sum of money that China lent Venezuela would of course be up in the air something of course that China does not want and I believe was a bigger leverage point during these negotiations then we know about and now with all of those factors and the world becoming more of a dangerous place I am definitely not surprised that North Korea doesn’t want to dismantle and demilitarized Dusty weapons that they actually have not what was surprising was just how abruptly. Everything changed including the schedule of things that were supposed to happen and it literally the events that unfolded had Kim Jong on and his security scrambling out of there where his security officials literally at the jump into moving Vehicles which of course a lot of people memes about it was pretty funny now that formation that we are getting is that it was Donald Trump who had to walk away from this negotiation because North Korea insisted that it relaxed some sanctions before fully dismantling the country’s nuclear program the United States disagreed some news reports even saying that Trump confronted Kim about the death of a fellow American which came denied all responsibilities of that Donald Trump actually said he believes that Kim doesn’t have any personal responsibility to the details and events that unfolded that led to the 21 year old American student dying after being in custody in North Korea Kim is not going to start up testing of nuclear weapons again but of course a lot of this is. Open the air and depending on who you listen to especially with the mainstream media you’re going to get different sides of the story hear different perspectives and some people saying that this is a great thing and some people saying that this of course is a horrible major loss for Donald Trump’s but I think overall it’s pretty clear that the majority of mainstream media coverage is overall.

Just sick with many media Outlets just pop it in PR talking points from you conservatives or most likely the military-industrial complex which they have contracts with work with and don’t leave room for any other form of discussion other than just pushing and calling for more war and once again even before the summit happened to mainstream media has been flat wrong on many of the assessments that have been making about this hearing that was supposedly going to be signed no matter what to overshadow the testimony of his former lawyer which recovered yesterday and rather than ask insightful important questions about the larger geopolitical strategies of the United States what is it at its goals with Iran and Venezuela while at the same time to go she ate and went North Rift asking very important question to know they don’t do that they’d rather talk about the trivial issues while some of course just trying to make personal attacks against Donald Trump Dennis Rodman even came out saying that he wants to help Donald Trump with a course this bigger. North Korea deal and honestly a lot of his commentary lot of his insides and I can’t believe I’m saying this from Dennis Rodman of all people have been more honest and more correct then of course the warmongering military industrial complex pure company that is known as the mainstream media fellow journalist Michael Tracy puts it the best by saying unless you follow South Korea analysis and a few atypical American commentators master-list your view of the Korean diplomatic process is going to be distorted beyond belief the mainstream u.s. coverage of the issue driven largely by Petty Trump hatred has just been abysmal he even went as far as the same quote American journalists trying to sabotage the Hanoi Summit with totally unrelated Michael Cohen nonsense are just despicable they are effectively imposing their own a little parasite anal fixations on the millions of Koreans who want this peace process to succeed really a shame on you you then goes on to name the journalist who of course we’re making Michael Cohan of the specific. Rather than trying to understand bridge and communicate the importance of of course this larger peace process and really if you think about it we want finally had this opportunity When Donald Trump met with the North Korean leader that has been involved in in battled at a state of War creating anxiety and panic attacks for a lot of people all over the world threatening nuclear destruction pandemonium War we finally have the liver to end that perpetuation of violent that whole bloody history of the entire Korean War we finally have the opportunity to close that lid I know what the CNN do let’s talk about Michael Cohen.

Come on. Yeah it’s just we’re finally having successful strides in over 70 years between the relations of these two countries and yet the bigger distractions are what they want to talk about now what’s going to happen from here it’s still really unknown we are of course going to be covering it very closely but from previous very big historic peace Summit and larger meetings that happened many times some of them have failed but.

Predominantly throughout history it takes a number of meetings to actually get to an ex successful achievement success that both countries are happy with so even though there’s no third meeting scheduled even though John Bolton is literally probably sharpening up his geopolitical knives I still somehow hope that these two countries do come together and do work out a bigger peace deal that will allow people to have more freedoms more resolutions to end and put a lid on all the violence that has happened because of this dumbass in it and yet again the mainstream media is the biggest perpetrator of this dumbass Nest violence war and fighting that they Lovin and honestly if you want an alternative you have to fund it so please again consider going to we are change the reports I donate and supporting alternative Independent Media and because some of you amazing human beings do that I’m still able to be here and because of that.

Love you guys thank you again so much for watching stay tuned for more here on week or change.

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