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Problems are continuing for the “Affordable Care” Act, as now it appears that the government won’t get the level of enrollees needed to finance the massive new entitlement program and keep it in the black.

According to The Washington Times, the Obama Administration announced a few days ago that less than 10 million people will enroll in so-called Obamacare health exchanges during the coming second-year sign-up cycle, far short of the 13 million enrollees needed to protect the program’s economics, as established by congressional bean counters. That means, most likely, another rocky roll-out this year, though perhaps not as bad as last year’s initial roll-out.

The Times reported further:

Policy advisers at the Health & Human Services Department estimated that 9 million to 9.9 million people would enroll through the exchanges — or only a slight increase over the 8 million that the administration says were active at the end of the first enrollment period this April. The Congressional Budget Office, which is the government’s official scorekeeper, had predicted the law would need 13 million customers on the exchanges.

Republican lawmakers who will seat majorities in both chambers of Congress in January following a wave midterm election Nov. 4 are already discussing ways to either roll back the law, defund parts of it or repeal it entirely, citing, in part, the broken promises of the law’s most vociferous advocates (especially President Obama).

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