By Christina Sarich
Nation of Change

Some countries listen to their people, others ignore them in a blind race to boost biotech profits. The German poultry giant, Wiesenhof, has announced a big shift in their business model. They will go back to using GM-free animal feed due to the insistence of their customer base.

This U-turn of the large company comes on the heels of a unilateral decision by the German Poultry Association (ZDG) to stop using animal feed. Additional associations in Denmark and England made similar decisions.

A Wiesenhof representative said, non-GM poultry is “desired by customers”. The company states that previously there was a shortage of GMO-free soy, other animal feed is now too easily contaminated, and the legal risk of using GMOs in their products is uncertain.

GM-free poultry is simply what their customers want, and it isn’t just Wisenhof that is expected to make this change.

Alexander Hissting from the Association of Food without Genetic Engineering expects to see an almost total return to non-GM food production in the coming months – not years.

In comparison, companies like Whole Foods in the United States don’t plan to be GMO-free until 2018, and Tyson Foods, the second largest poultry business in the US not only uses GM feed for its chickens but also injects them with antibiotics. They recently had to fight a lawsuit because they claimed their meat was ‘antibiotic free’ when it was not./

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