GMO yellow sign with the corn crop in the background

Source: Edgy Truth

Oregon isn’t messing around. Not at all. On May 19th, a vote is expected on Measure 2-89. The measure means that the state would ban all GMOs, and even more shocking, they’d give 90 days for the destruction of Round Up ready beets statewide. You can imagine how fiery the back and forth on this was at the recent town meeting.

But one thing it shows is that Oregon is not playing around anymore with food issues.

The proposal, also known as the Benton County Local Food System Ordinance, will be on the ballot for the May 19 special election. It would ban the cultivation of genetically engineered crops in the county and would require all such crops — primarily Roundup Ready sugarbeets — to be harvested or destroyed within 90 days of passage. (source | gazette times)

But that’s not everything.

Check out this passage:

It also contains sections establishing rights for “natural communities” such as plants and soil, provisions that would appear to limit the use of patented seeds for other crops by eliminating the ability to enforce seed patent rights within the county, and language stating that all corporations and government agencies would be banned from using any genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, within the county. (source | gazette times)

This is the proverbial death nail in the heart for Monsanto and the likes. We don’t know that this legislation will pass, but we do know it’s a wonderful direction and hopefully leads to more states proposing similar legislation.

Mary King of Benton Food Freedom said it best: “It absolutely bans open-pollinated GMO crops,” King said. “Your non-GMO crop becomes GMO when GMO pollen comes to your field.”

This is the big part people seemingly fail to understand. This isn’t about freedom of choice, because with GMO foods, there are no choices as they infect local farmers who don’t intend to grow GMO.



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