Deemed “the world’s first internet-based live television station” by the The London Economic, The People’s Voice (TPV) permanently aired worldwide on November 25, 2013. TPV television and radio is scheduled to broadcast 24/7 with both live and prerecorded shows nonstop.

“The People’s Voice is a free global internet TV & Radio station broadcasting the information, background and opinions the mainstream media won’t touch,” states the television network’s website.

The concept to create a broadcasting network as an alternative to mainstream media was collaboratively conceived in May by David Icke and Sean Adl-Tabatabai. By the end of the month, David Icke and his team of five initiated a campaign for TPV through a global crowdfunding platform called Indiegogo. Considering The People’s Voice as an “opportunity for the people to have their say like never before,” David Icke expresses his call for TPV within the campaign’s video:

“The voice that we hear constantly is that of the authorities, the establishment, governments, and increasingly today’s corporations. The people’s voice? Silence.”

The public agreed and reacted. According to Sean Adl-Tabatabai, “large numbers of small donations from all over the world” contributed towards the campaign. Surpassing the expected goal of £100,000 GBP within 6 days by more than a threefold increase, TPV was able to raise £300,692 GBP of financial support in the 41 days that the campaign lasted. TPV was launched less than 5 months later.

The main intent of TPV is “to question the official and alternative view of everything in the spirit of real journalism and the pursuit of the truth.” The station is currently comprised of 28 programs featuring a broad range of themes including art, awakening, comedians, corruption, esotericism, health, music, phone-ins, politics, science, spirituality, and the list goes on.

David Icke also mentions the possibilities of TPV by stating, “I mean the potential once you have that amount of airtime without censorship, where you can go, what you can cover is just limited only by imagination.”

For more information, check out Luke Rudkowski’s video interview covering The People’s Voice with David Icke. To support The People’s Voice, follow TPV on Facebook and tweet #TPV on Twitter. 

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