By Heather Callaghan
Natural Blaze

An emotional video is going around about a boy who surprised a news anchor after she helped bring his story to the public. By featuring his story multiple times, she played a big role in securing him a loving home with a loving family.

It’s extremely and tearfully touching to see not only his suffering come to an end but his gracious and heartfelt thanks as he surprises the news anchor and she bursts into joyful tears of reunion.

What’s not to love about it? It could warm the cockles of Ebenezer’s heart. Nothing but “feels” all around. Call me Ms. Negative, but there is actually a dark lining to this white fluffy cloud. We hope that having a loving homelife has fully healed Ke’onte’s nightmarish experience in foster care, which is casually skimmed over in the piece.

So you’ve seen the video and you know the story. Did you notice the part in the middle where he was placed on unnecessary mind altering drugs that made him do crazy things?

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