Years ago, it was seen as a “conspiracy theory” that the elite wanted to microchip
the populace. Now well its right in our faces constantly, its no longer a secret i’ll start by Repeating the words
of the great Aaron Russo Rockefeller’s best friend.
Do not take the chip. Personally i’m not a religious person, and I don’t believe in the whole mark of the beast mumbo jumbo.
I’m an investigator and a rational critical thinker I believe in evil of men not some religious prophecy if anything the prophecy is self fulfilling by the Elite.
However that doesn’t mean that i will accept the Microchip or not talk about the RFID microchip.
What I believe is there are some seriously sick people in this world psychopaths that are so deranged, and
disconnected from society that they believe that we commoners are “useless eaters” a waste of resources and that
they want depopulation to make us more manageable as its a claim repeated over and over again by numerous whistle-blowers including ex FBI Ted L. Gunderson.

Aaron Russo RFID Human Implant Chip:

Former FBI Chief Comes Clean About Conspiracies And Corruption:

Well recently, NBC blatantly said your kids will receive the microchip for their “safety.”
There is absolutely nothing safe about allowing your kids to be micro-chipped. All this is being prepacked as a way for law enforcement to rescue or find lost, kidnapped and missing children. They always seek to use the children. Let me tell you the Elite care so much about the children that in the UK they wanted to lower the age of consent to four years old. i would like to know who bank rolled this story..

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In either way this isn’t the only way they are trying to push people to get the chip. Over the years there have been various commercials trying to push the chip.One showing a concert, another showing doctors using it to diagnosis patients disorders and several other mentions of the chip in the media. The story i will never forget is the
Saudi inventor that had a brilliant idea to make a chip with a lethal dose of cyanide in it. Although the patent was denied in Germany regardless this is an example and documentation. do not trust the chip. Do not even for a second trust the chip tell the government I do not want no RFID.

Microchipping your children could happen ‘sooner rather than later,’ NBC reports (poll):

FDA Approves Computer chip for humans:
Cyanide equipped RFID chip! Patent Denied in Germany:

Let talk about the marketing for the RFID Chip, One of the first commercials for the chip was Veri’chip Corp’s extremely creepy commercial for Health link
which shows all the health “benefits” of the microchip.
However they leave out the health risk like one of those 5 a.m. infomercials for some weight loss drug that
could cause heart attacks. The chip comes with a huge risk your injecting an electronic device into you heck forget the potential of it having cyanide or another slow killing poison.
If the chip malfunctions or a switch is flipped and your being a bad dissident against your New World Order dictatorship.
You could have an internal electric shock or be burnt as Katherine Albrecht said
“The way it works is it picks up and amplifies ambient electro- magnetic energy from the reader devices and if you have one of these things in your arm and you get in the range of an electromagnetic field it can actually burn you.” IBM has also been caught pushing the RFID chip as the future market with a commercial where it seems some shady guy is pocketing product stealing and then he walks out and a security guard walks up to him. “Excuse me Sir you forgot your receipt.”
A female announcer then says “Checkout lines who needs them this is the future of e-business.” First let me bash the commercial’s logic, where is this guy putting all the product hes stealing?
Is that coat of his an endless black hole? Where’d it all go does it just vanish? Now that i got that out of my system..
So as you can see they are pushing the microchip in several different ways and ill repeat again.
I don’t care what they try to market to you, even if they tell you it’ll give you super powers.. because that’s our next step because of companies like Google
Do not allow your family or your friends to take the chip.

Verichip Corp. RFID Microchip – First Official TV Commercial:

RFID Implant – Verichip – CNBC Squawkbox:

IBM RFID Commercial – The Future Market:

Next lets look at the appealing commercials to teens and adults; lets have an RFID party!
Where everything you do is posted on facebook with a simple flick of the wrist.. or hey we go to this bar a lot lets get a RFID chip implant so we don’t have to wait and can be VIPS yeah! Oh I really really wish i was joking..
Because laziness knows no bounds wear this wrist band with a RFID chip become indoctrinated its okay everyone is doing it!
Chip yourself its the new craze its like getting a tattoo except its got a gps tracking device..
because that’s not creepy at all that you become a human beacon for anyone who wants to track you and oh no that could never ever be misused not just by the government but the civil population hackers.. its not like NSA recently got caught spying on everyone in the world? They would never ever be able to use the microchip to track you ever.. Like Edward Snowden has revealed they tracked phones and smartphones have RID tracking chips in them.. What makes you think the technology wouldn’t be abused?
Also note they would be able to see your heart rate, pulse and medical records no thank you..
Another example of insanity and RFID is Motorola, they have a patent for an electronic skin tattoo that basically tells whether your lying or telling the truth that is applied to a users neck..
So you can not only become a human beacon but a human liar detector!
No i’m serious.. i’m not kidding at all and the next great innovation of Motorola is turning you into a human password with a swallow-able RFID pill..
Well hello moto no you can not chip me.. try again.. OPSEC TIP! Instead of turning yourself into a human password try making stronger passwords!

Putting the FUN into RFID from Facebook and Coca-Cola:

Let’s all get chipped, drunk, and stupid – RFID nightclub:

Motorolla Patent:  

Neck Tattoo Works as Lie Detector:

The Swallowable Pill That Makes You Into a Human Password:

A few more examples then we will wrap this anti-chip montage up..
Already a business has forced its employees to get a microchip to use their photocopier open doors etc.
seriously a business, forced people to get a microchip so they could work my question is what happens if they get fired?
Am I living in the twilight zone? it feels like it.. and they aren’t done pushing it there just imagine how an implant can allow you to wave your hand and open a door? oh cool so i can sort of be like Magneto? Trust me they will push it in several more ways you haven’t seen anything yet we’ve already seen medical and commerce and fun wait until you see the trans-humanist agenda out in full flesh.
Davos 2016 shows whats to come..
If that wasn’t enough how about a bonus reason to not get a chip? Well getting a chip in the brain, which i can’t fathom why anyone would ever consent to something so ludicrous but for argument sake.. Recently the davos elite discussed how it would be really a great idea to decode your brain
and read your mind and prosecute you for your thoughts.. just no this isn’t 1984 and 1984 wasn’t a play book manual..

what was that movie called oh yes they live and believe me they do live..

Office puts chips under staff’s skin:
Biohacking: How a tiny implant can unlock doors with the wave of a hand:

Why Did I Implant A Chip In My Hand?:

Davos Elite Reveal Orwellian Plan to Decode Your Brain and Read Your Mind:

Also interestingly enough another interesting fact wall st just tested digital cash in a secret meeting.
Which Aaron Russo said earlier is the plan digital cash with a microchip.
You have been warned.. We will end with a hilarious YouTube parody by “Joy Camp” that needs to be seen by everyone capable of thinking for themselves.. That’s the honest 100% truth let this one sink in real deep,
in replace of that RFID chip. “The RFID Chip is always with you threatening your privacy causing severe risk to your health and personal safety and killing you if you don’t obey rogue government demands.”

Inside the Secret Meeting Where Wall Street Tested Digital Cash:

RFID Chip Commercial:



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