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We Are Change

Saudi King Abdullah died January 23rd, 2015 at the ripe age of 90 and was hailed as a “modernizer” by many. That is some claim, especially when considering that Saudi Arabia beheaded two people per week in 2013. Because of Sharia Law (Saudi Arabia’s capital law system), the punishment is “by sword” – they have beheaded more people than ISIS. Only, this establishment doesn’t have the same reception as ISIS; they are the United State’s biggest ally in the Middle-East. The mainstream media give this very little attention, also, flogging as a punishment is done in public along with the beheadings. Saudi Arabia never signed the UN Declaration of Human Rights, which has lead to torture and an abundance of oppression.

How very “modern” Fred Peer/Camera Press/Redux

The United States government, and most of the Western world never condemn Saudi Arabia for this method of operation. Yet, we also learn via a new WikiLeaks cable that the Saudi King, was also the biggest financier of Sunni terrorists in the world. Let’s connect this with the fact that Saudi Arabia has been connected to financing terrorists during 9/11 which was declassified this year.

Crown Prince Salman, King Abdullah’s half-brother will be the new successor to the monarchy.

Saudi Arabia is currently going through a turbulent time with oil prices falling, one has to ask the question: Do we even need a monarchy? Based on the criminal output of this regime, this article makes a good point. An “Arab Spring” may happen on its own, whether anyone likes it or not.

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