Utilizing graphene oxide, scientists have begun to create nano-scale filters with epic proportions.

Graphene, a single atom layered sheet of carbon, has an awesome property of being hydrophobic. This means that water will not absorb into it, it is completely repelled, but will pass through a mesh of it 1 atom thick. It is turning out to be a great filter.

University of Manchester researchers discovered, two years ago, that all gasses and vapours, except for water, were prevented from moving through the mesh.

They are now working on filtering out all remaining salts and debris, as they reduce the space between the mesh. Said Dr. Rahul Nair, a leader on the team, “our work shows that it is possible.” Added Dr Irina Grigorieva, a co-author of the study, “this is no longer science fiction.”

Exciting times for drinking water.

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