War-torn Ukraine has been a strong point of contention between the United States, NATO, and Russia.

Who is helping to facilitate all this strife you may ask? It’s none other than globalist henchman and benefactor George Soros, a man so evil that he’s even been barred from entering his home country of Hungary.

Once again, it’s business as usual for the conniving billionaire who is attempting to provoke a political crisis by helping to organize a coal shipment blockade. Soros is using one of his destabilization organizations called “Maidan”, “a Ukrainian People’s Union”, as his tool of division.

Maidan wants to stop the flow of coal via rail into the Donbass region and eastern Ukraine. These so called “nationalists” have been bragging via social media that they were able to hold up around 74,000 cargo cars containing roughly 8,117,000 tons of coal.

That’s coal that should have crossed from Kiev-controlled western Ukraine into rebel-occupied eastern, Ukraine.

Soros’ ultimate goal is to destroy the separatist (nationalist) opposition. Additionally, he hopes to plunder the massive amounts of minerals and natural resources of which the eastern part of Ukraine is especially rich in – for pennies on the dollar. He then, of course, will take all the profits out of the country after playing both sides of the conflict.

It’s important to mention however that Soros is no longer really interested in the money at this stage in his life, it’s merely an added bonus. By destabilizing Eastern Ukraine, Soros will be able to drag Russia closer to war with the US, which backs Western Ukraine.

The ultimate goal of globalists like Soros is to create chaos which will, in turn, create a more malleable Ukraine and surrounding region.

However, much to Soros’ certain discontent, Ukraine has proven to be difficult to control through the US/NATO’s classic encirclement strategy ever since Russia annexed Crimea – the pro-Russian part of southeastern Ukraine, which has acted as a naval buffer in the Black Sea.

Unfortunately for the Ukrainian people, the West’s puppet president, Petro Poroshenko, or “porky” for short, like all puppet presidents, was selected by the globalist elite who wish to further their agenda of world power consolidation. This happened after the US subsidized coup ousted legally-elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

The US government with the help of congress passed two arms package deals in 2015 and 2016 which will supply weapons this year to the US-backed government in Kiev.

Events such as these really spell trouble for the Ukrainian people.

Likewise, things are looking especially stark for Ukraine in light of their involvement in (DCFTA) or The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, which was supposedly aimed at helping the eastern European economy to recover, but actually ended up resulting in a loss of €2.2 billion more than the previous year in EU trading. As a further consequence, Ukraine’s Trade deficit with the EU has skyrocketed from €1.2 billion to €3.43 billion!

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