In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on Ocasio-Cortez and the progressive movement with David Icke. What is the truth?

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Ask if we are here with the man the myth the legend himself David how was the political landscape.

So much even having all voices and hearing all opinions and has.

Freaking a lot of interesting details and many times has been proven that was way Beyond its time and recognized by a lot of people in this is why I’m in this very specific.

I really wanted to get your take on what people redeeming this kind of new face of politics didn’t you kind of supposed leadership of the democratic party and that of course is Alexandria ocasio-cortez what are your thoughts what’s your analysis on this kind of new politician that people left.

Everyone is just up..

Festival if you.

Controversial in a wheel that’s absolutely insane.

What you doing.

Acceptable in the world.

Who was asking why not.

But you are so.

I don’t know how much time.

Casio Cortez.

Is the personification and the natural outgrowth.

What has been happening.


Universities and colleges.

How many years.

Just that was the results of something.

Process I’ve been observing for a long time.

Which is something..

Progressive Movement shall we say.

It starts in California.

Then it across America.

So what way.

Richest colleges and universities is exactly the same.



Ocasio Cortez.

Very simply.

Go to college and university.

AIG is today right.

She is basically.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Russet mentality this explained.

Which claims to be.

What is actually the very.

Liberals true liberals.

Definition in the dictionary.

Basically someone.

Maximum Liberty Maxima.

Maximum Ride.

To choose that lifestyle maximum freedom of speech.



Galaxy has four.


Someone who’s live.

What’s 66 years now.


The I was spoiled.

How it’s being hijacked it’s such a spaz.

Ocasio Cortez this whole.


Such as the self-deceit and.

This auntie Libera.

Progressive lenses.

Sees itself as the modern day civil rights movie.

Just look at what.

Internet Corporation.

Remember When.

I still do but I’ve got a good memory.

These corporations.

Should dictate.

WhatsApp Indians like in half.

The right to express them the right to have them.

Between the progress.



When the Ascension.

These Corporation.

The progressive mentality.

The original true.



Would have been.

Black and white television.

Going out on.

Chest demanding now.

Delete freedom of speech now something’s happened to you.

I would have cold and I will still call.

You look at the plaza.

You look at stars.

What’s the first thing they want when they get control.

And all information.

They shut them down they found the public.

So here we have.


Democratic Party.

Money from people like George Soros.

Who are employing.


Soap be located.

Unlock Excel for Windows.

The way.

Is the same world.

What’s a rail against.

What you up to.

You can call a Nazi.

What is still terrorism because that’s.

Use the the techniques.

The currency of control.

When I see that Michael Moore.

Kathleen looked at.


Adjustable comb.

Wasn’t some guy fighting for justice for.

Working class.

Go to these days of the one.


Global control centralized control.

When you are you are you want to control.

Have to centralize decision.

Secure that pallet that the.

One is to accumulate.

Boss majority of the well.

Don’t roll that way which is the capitalist.

There is another way of doing it.

1% class.

A structure of society.

On the basis of government of the people.

You said it as a.

Boss Revolution.

What you do is you create.

Where the whole society is.

Sound control As we soar.

Rosharon BCM communist.

Then sit at the Centre of that structure.


Is anyone..

Russia and Soviet Union.

For the working class in Russian.

Iraq in China China for the working class.


How does.

Basically what this is.

What was the class.

Russian of moxie.

Struggle the class drug.

Basically what that’s founded.

Is transforming Society.



Casio Cortez.

Class struggle.

Calming but the same structure of the same.

Into the self-identity.

How to do that.

What you have to do.

Roots of self.

What you absolutely must.

Is you must never treat individuals as individuals.

Income bracket you must never met anyone as an individual.

Because if you do.

These groups that you want to play off against each other in the self identity.

Orange with blue spots.

I’m not going to judge income bracket or any of it I’m going to look at your behavior.

If you are I am if you’re awake.

If you wear a black.

You know the White Sox.

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