In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on 5g technology with Max Igan. Igan expertly breaks down what the future holds for this technology and humanity and how it will change a lot more than just your cell phone.

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Welcome back beautiful and amazing human beings this is over to ask if we are changed over here in Acapulco Mexico and today we are joined by the one and only philosopher researcher Max Egan and where to be getting into a lot of very interesting topics in this video with regarding 5G regarding people’s emotional states and pretty much as you told me yesterday how life is just pretty much a big old emotional mirror so bit hippy bit of technological technocratic talk but I think the most important aspect that I think we could get into and you’re very eloquent when you describe this you’ve been talking about this for a number of years now you’re very kind of Clairvoyant you been right on the money so many times but the bigger issue that I want to talk to you about his of course 5 G 5 G of course is being subsidized by many governments out there it’s a new kind of faster technological advancement of Internet out there there’s 20,000 satellites going up into space to provide it but what are the convenience of course is always a double cash. Something for free for a reason it’s a really free anyway but the reason the government subsidizing missing the bigger issue is Max I think you’ve been warning about for a very long time tell us what if you need to know about 5G budgie is military grade technology that’s the Pro Bowl prices at anything that you can think of any electromagnetic weapons system any active denial system or you going to do is go and look at the dog off of website look at the on Titans on your phone all the stuff I can do this anymore than you can think of it it piggyback soft G that’s the signal that I used to do it cost to being with you know that would sure we’ll get as fast as bandwidth but I’m the lying it is the ability to put military grade technology in place and at Target anybody they want you can talk to people individually set up people fact I need to know my kids are always things like microwave cannons Liza Cannons all this old all Isaac and his butt microwave cannons the good stuff like yeah I can change your emotional state that can put voices in your head but visions. Everything I did in the first Gulf War when they put the voice of God in the minds of the araki Soulja so they gave up their arms I admitted that did this all of this is 5G capable so that’s the problem and also whether with the Internet of Things in the mess of violence in the social crediting and everything that goes with it gives you the ability to track you in real time and to penalize you in real time and too tired of you who acted in all in real-time you know he said something wrong he’s down on his social credit points or just disabled him until the police arrive to pick him up and put him in the spot prison this is what they can do with it so it’s very very dangerous I pop in the hope that specs as well I mean just the fact that it is this heavy millimeter wave radiation and say it’s a whole new ballgame than the 3rd or 4th generation of Internet do we yawn when you think of the other J behind all this 1G 2G 3G 4G this is fourth and fifth-generation but with this it isn’t an evolution of the same technology to shift over into a new. Military grade technology that just all the testing on with all these Wards for the last 10 years than our woods and as I said I didn’t order that stuff is run by some critics be like this would never happen we got a whole bunch of peacocks here to I’m going to put the camera on there but there’s going to be a whole bunch of people saying you need to understand people’s iPhones are keeping a social credit score on you rating your phone calls in your text messages in your interactions without you even knowing or having access to it look what’s happening in China right now in system that’s going throughout their entire country’s population controlling people’s ability to have high-speed internet have a job to put their kids into a good school be able to travel even based on a social credit score if there are critical of the government of course journalists already being hit with this now this is interesting point with the conversation from God that the Iraqi. Iraqi War soldiers heard can you tell us more about that as well as the documents that you talked about yesterday on our livestream that was also surrounding and discovered around 5G the voice of God is what I put in the Rocky songs you can find their own reports at this is what we did you know when you can do stuff I was test I did things in Japan a couple of years ago that I can put the Holograms in front of the shorts in Japan and it was sitting shops with a voice in your head telling you to go in and shop and the people walking past complained about it because I told this is an invasion of privacy this is why I didn’t mind string that’s what I just told you you must lay down your weapons and gone surrender to the friendly allies you know and they’re wet fart bomb so I can do this stuff but not only that when you look at what we wear electrical bangs and all this stuff affects your how hard would it be to get a title population we might be a population of dissident so perhaps in anneke’s community or whatever and just tired of them and perhaps in Juice also I’m as in that until I can. So they don’t have dementia and I don’t know what they doing what it’s like over country so this is what’s possible with all this like quitting and I can do everything you can think of what I said go look at the website and look at some of the tests are done in cultures only song to be experiencing and your electrical experiments I do what’s it all for you know and I’ve done all the tests and now they’re putting this blanket systemic roast everybody for a convenience and even people who eat organic food and stuff like this with this this radiation that is Guy Anthony is changing the cell structure of us so it’s also changing the cell structure of all the food we’re eating a base and Wildlife and insects falling off every way people noticing you noticing any bugs in your windscreen any more fights you got driving at dusk is not bumps on your windscreen you speak thousands terrible time to go driving cuz she had to clean your windscreen so much we don’t see that anymore. Just done notice and I wants this food chain breaks down and I we’re heading into really really Dangerous Waters. Will need to pay attention to it and the government doesn’t subsidize something and give you these foggy devices if they didn’t want you to have this and if they want you to have it and they are able to induce certain wives and carrier wife’s throat affect your biology affect your neurology this is very dangerous and of course this is why they’re doing it need to be aware of all these is not a matter of if but when you got historical record it’s been predominantly governments and mobs Mafia is that I’ve been ruining The Human Experience on his Planet causing a lot of suffering the kind of valve for power and with this new technological advancements they’re going to have the ability to have unlimited power and do really really crazy Sinister things then why wouldn’t a state or private corporation that profits off usually predominately your own misery won’t do that is the question is is it’s it’s foolish not to be skeptical not to look into these things and the way that this discussion is not even happening with this just being implemented especially. Does absolutely terrifying but 5G before we get into the the other topic anything specifically you think people should know or or can do even something about this larger topic other than just moved to Peru everywhere I think we will have to become aware of it but I got to stop complying with the system stop pulling away from it realizes what’s happening is a digital bear has been constructed between Austin nature bicycle E Yeah and they’re removing rx’s seen you need a mobile phone to getting to the park you know what a man like you need in my ball finder everything they are removing landlines removing newspapers magazines or information is becoming digital which means I can change it anytime I want rewrite it anytime I want and you need to be getting meeting passwords and biometric scans and things saint of buildings sorry it’s going in a really really scary direction if you put all that in place and you got this whole digital barrier between us and reality with the ability to Target and disciple anybody you want for erected to know this is a very die. Spicy and you have it based on social credit system Sunday you get home on your phone that you can and she unharmed because of what you said in the pot that died and it’s pretty scary stuff so I think we really need to look at what this is the best thing we can do is just not use it looking for the donut shop at Amazon fights gun shop it all these places out of the bank can I use cash cash is bad enough but it’s better than leaving a pipe of trial and it’s better than having this device on you the tracks you everywhere you go listens to everything you do and realize the messages back to paper cuz every cell tower you see he’s not a transmitter it’s a. Ahava stuff I have a stole your stuff from your cell phones every time you got pause every 3rd child so why would such thing in the system now or they can just pull the net out and just dragging nice people I want you know I mean we have the cell towers and they’re spread out but the 5G Towers going to be very closely located of course. Central of Adam location along major kind of light poles as well very close to each other a lot of room for concern here I’m always on a very skeptical side and people need to understand here the reality of the situation is this is encroaching all around us and it’s really our compliance our kind of laziness our foolishness that’s allowing this to happen Amazon is one of them it’s been hard for me not to use Amazon I’ll be honest because it’s so convenient one day I’ll just be here I’m forcing myself to not use them because of just a larger implications if this is a company that’s working on artificial intelligence this is a company artificial intelligence extremely terrifying when you look at the bigger applications are working on facial recognition AI systems that they give to government police departments that they gave to ice this is a total game-changer laws in France were just passed where you can’t come rub your face anymore because of the bigger Revolution that’s happening there it’s all encroaching towards less and less and less rights as people are just being in a day. With just their comfort zones just sitting down feel like it’s so convenient one click of a button I got my Chinese slave made Goods right here and I think we could get into and I think it would be very important for me and you to discuss is of course the bigger deeper psychological emotional aspects of this because as you were talking about a lot of people usually tried to fill in a lot of empty voids are usually placed into my Society on purpose through consumerism through the want of of money and end the end of the kind of greed of trying to be rich you have a totally different perspective on this which I appreciate I utilize it in my own ways but one thing you told me I want you to go from here is I try to spend money and you can’t yeah it’s a difficult thing like what how much anything you know what I have to pay to be a lot but. Is something I really want to go if I had a lot of money that I don’t know what I’d spend it on you know I saw I tend to give a little why you know I got to help people have a water to house of people and stuff like this as much as I try to spend it just it just seems to come back to me all the time it’s a freaking thing a couple of years ago I left the strategy with $5,000 in my pocket and I use credit cards and I went away for about three months ended up being a wife for 19 months went around the world 2 and 1/2 * and I end up in Virginia and I had $230 left in my pocket so I go around the world with 219 months two and a half times on $5,000 and then right when I decided what I’ve only got $130 in my pocket it’s time for me to book a ticket I’m as soon as I book The Ticket I want to come out to me and said you changed my life you saved my life last year my husband died and you always in a really really dark place and you you saved my life and she handed me an envelope with $5,000 in it to go home with exactly the same. Are you sure this is a hell of a die nice and she was like I don’t know please please take it and I, I didn’t spend it I just said let it sit in an envelope and I like I just didn’t spend it all you just throw this is too much of a guy nice and it’s a my guide me and I sent her an e-mail months later to say like how I is it all good amount of stupid this money here and she was like no other place have it you know but that’s the thing and are you lose attachment to a Papal who who always worried about having my money will find that never got any money people who are worried about their health all the time with one of their wives having health problems you know if you have no stake in the outcome you lose attachment to it is an emotional mirror Nessa how it works and the laws of dama dama you do the right thing and the right way at the right time for the right reason and what is right well if you find the one Lord corporation which is unconditional love and service to Creation which doesn’t mean you serve yourself at the expense of others are you don’t serve others at the expense of yourself you put yourself on a TV. Kill Squad finish every writer show in lak’ech I’m another yourself you know and I just gave all that I can everything websites for free all my films of my fat free the book all right I gave away free and since I started giving everything for free and anytime I’ve got anything spare I give it to someone for free who needs it I just leave in the side of where everything I need is always there for me it just works and I have a lot of money at all but but what if I needed it just comes the way that beautiful woman come and just gave me everything that I just spent on the last 19 month so it’s been going around the world trying to wake the world up and I just got that straight back to me now you can go home resting place.

You got that that you got the funding to go and do it again next time you want.

NSL works and it’s an emotional mirror some people need to lose stake in the outcome you know if you or the the the rules of dama and the end that are in a side of unconditional love with you throw yourself to the way you can write it and I’m living proof that it works and the more you resisted the more difficult to get that I can tell you in my own personal life every time I try to control a specific aspect or start worrying and stressing out like a crap I’m broke I have no money or crap I’m having this problem this medical issue if it only gets worse from here and I had so many times in my life where I’m just at work out I’ll be fine and just the same thing at alternative media especially early on I didn’t have much money random person came to me right as I had zero and I was like you know it will be fine I’ll be okay first comes up to me as like here’s you know a hundred bucks allows me to eat for the next day which was incredible God had so many moments like that not only what money but like random places like being at the G20 not having a place to stay and then being like know it’s going to be okay it’s going to be fine and literally a hotel manager coming. Give me in the hotel that I’m just having a drinking because I don’t know what else to do tell him hey you want anything you need anyting yours a hotel magic kind of synchronicity and magic magic live to get so much easier once you release a you just like let-go and your line. Find a workout has less stress you put on yourself that use your it is if you want to say it didn’t cut me off anytime because I can talk about this for a while and are now you could throw yourself that when you can draw that you really can you know and people you have if you are having a hard time I can save you stressing out about some universities going to go really have a little bit more I have a little bit more you getting it yet you know so you got to lose attachment to all that United States a beautiful world full of beautiful people and everybody really wants to help each other you know that I really do and if you don’t have a stake in the outcome if you can give to people unconditionally on your phone the universe gives back to you when we gave him we we expect something in return it doesn’t work gif. Give something to you I’m not giving you a debt you never asked for I’m actually giving you a gift there’s nothing attached to that you’re not and people need to be able to do that every was a time is not money you know if we can just open up your heart to yourself and see the beauty and trueness of yourself than you want to give to others it’s a beautiful thing and I and that’s how I live my life that’s why I give everything there’s nothing to go on my website it’s all free I give it all away and the University of scars made out of work should my if we we could adopt that attitude all I believe we could change the world so I quickly we really could you know but the fact we go to Pi to be Lord is always that stress dripping in the back of everyone’s mind so matter how much I try to let go and tell him all this and I just so you know I was never part of that I walked away from the system in in early and school and become a musician so I’ve never been part of it so I know why it’s easy for me and I can see that but I can still say that other people can do this. I’ve met all the people that have done unto mean you’re doing what I mean is it works fine she really was let me know it’s perfect we all have our negative negative sides and we all have our negative traits that we have to fight through and it’s not an easy fight what are the things you said to me that really spoke to me is like when you’re giving a gift you’re not giving someone debt that they never wanted cuz that’s what you people do I give you this now you better do this and this and this and I used to conduct my relationships like this before time to actually do some introspection to meditation have some third-party professional work work with me and be like hey.

Wow I wasn’t sometimes especially earlier on in my life especially my teenage years in my early twenties I wasn’t the kind of detrimental behaviors and we’re all making mistakes but it’s about recognizing them admitting them to to him and not making sure you never do them again because the way in the philosophies that you speak about her very very important a lot of people are adverse to a lot of this a lot of people are adverse to this because they don’t hear it in the mainstream media they don’t hear it in the schools they don’t hear it in society in this is an important message that needs to be spread around because a lot of people are so uncomfortable would even just having free time to think as individuals themselves that they have to drown this out with TVs being on in their rooms all the time that’s a drowned this out with radios being on the on the side with constant constant noise that the jaundice out with constantly being on their phone and never having a free moment to even freely think because of all the horrible thoughts because of the fear they have in themselves to even critically analyze the truth of this. Which are difficult to swallow and that’s why the the 5G industry is becoming as prevalent as they are because people are like well I get faster internet I could Pastor distract myself from life and the realities of life and the harder truth of this life and and the heart or emotions that I have a process and I could just get out of those but just more bull crap and you’re not a part of that system you’re not part of that Paradigm and I always appreciate you Max I always appreciate the time we spent I appreciate everything you say just wanted to say thank you and deep down appreciate you and your energy and and just the person you are cuz this is a message that people need to hear and I had my own Falls I was one of those people people need to understand I was literally so traumatized before I had a hard time not having the TV on constantly because when I was left in my thoughts I said think about traumas or the bigger darker horrible aspects of this world that I didn’t want to process and I just kept medicating myself with the subconscious propaganda as being thrown. Let me buy them that makes me be like oh but I get it in the day shift to Mio but it’s going to be so quick to download on my movies and everything else in a matter of seconds now it is 5G is going to be so great that kind of ideology is perpetrated by the larger ecosystem by this larger problem so I’m going on around nose supposed to be in to be on you but I feel so emotionally attached to this because I was at fault and your words are kind of medicine medical therapeutic nature so appreciate you leave you with the last words because appreciated this video share with your friends and family members but last words Max again preciate you very much and you do it because you want five is from that person you haven’t given him a gift you’ve given him a debt I never asked. I give this poison now you’ve given Sunday to yourself if you can give unconditionally no stake in the outcome and sometimes I didn’t even pay for the the person shopping next to me just because. I look like I need some money so I’ll just run this stuff through the chick at and walk away if I can before they even see me do it you know and that’s so the stuff it it it just attracts good when you did go to the track school so I do good price and believe in yourself because we can all get through this yet his home this whole thing is just an idea that somebody had and it’s time for new idea I think it’s about to be born.

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