Donald Trump has created a Drudge-style news portal for all things anti-Hillary Clinton.

In one of the best trolls of the election season, the absolute madman purchased for $15,000 and created a hub for unfavorable news regarding the Democratic ticket.

The domain was first offered to Clinton at a discount of $10,000—but the Democratic nominee claimed her campaign could not afford the asking price.

In 2011, the domain was purchased by a 28-year-old Bernie Sanders supporting lawyer named Jeremy Peter Green for just $7.30. He also purchased,, and—just to be on the safe side.

Though Green now supports Clinton, the website went unsold throughout much of the election as his asking price was a whopping $90,000. Naturally, he used the domain to show off comics that he drew of Clinton as Harry Potter battling Trump as Voldemort—calling him “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Elected.”

Jeremy Peter Green

Jeremy Peter Green

Though Green offered the domain to the Clinton camp, back in July he told CNN Money that if his preferred candidate did not buy the website he “may put something less friendly” towards her on it.

“I’m kind of helping the campaign by making Donald Trump Voldemort,” Green explained. “I’m going to stop giving them free advertising and may have to do something embarrassing.”

Sure enough, on Monday morning the bottom of the website was changed to read: “Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.” It now features a massive headline across the top of the page stating “CLINTON: SANDERS SUPPORTERS LIVE IN PARENTS BASEMENT” with a link to a Politico article.

Other links include multiple links to Breitbart and Donald Trump’s website, as well as GOP press releases and other news outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal.

When asked by USA Today how he felt about the site going to the candidate he is voting against, Green declared that he is absolutely fine with it

“I am indeed okay with it. By the time Trump got his hands on the domain, it was getting only 50 visitors a day. Definitely not a $15,000 domain! I’m very happy to have Trump’s money,” Green told the paper. “I bought it because I knew that if Clinton-Kaine ended up being the 2016 ticket, I would be able to use the web traffic have some fun with domain, and eventually sell it. I sold the domain because I wanted money,” Green said.

Unfortunately, the unpopular candidate just couldn’t afford it—even with all those Wall Street donors.

“Clinton’s campaign said they couldn’t afford anywhere near that though, claiming not to have a discretionary budget for this sort of thing, and offered me $2,000. They thanked me for coming to them first though,” Green said.

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