After making one of his most racist statements yet at his rally in Redding, California, Donald Trump took to Twitter to try and smooth things over. Unfortunately for him, his plan backfired terribly.

 Watch the clip from Trump’s rally below:
 At yesterday’s rally, Trump actually referred to someone in the crowd as “my African American.”
‘We had a case where we had an African-American man who was a fan of mine. Great fan. Great guy. In fact, I want to find out what’s going on with him. Aw, look at my African-American over here. Are you the greatest? Do you know what I’m talking about?’

Naturally, many people were upset, both by Trump pointing out a person in the crowd because of their race and also for referring to him as “my African American,” as if he owned the person.

To prove that he isn’t racist, Trump decided to tweet a picture of a black family, claiming that they are Trump supporters.

People quickly learned, though, that the family in the photo Trump tweeted is not a family of Trump supporters at all. The photo, which he implied was from one of his rallies, was actually taken at The 27th annual Midwest Black Family Reunion, which was held in Ohio in August 2015. The event is described as having featured “music, art, chess, children’s games and other activities,” but there is no mention of it having anything to do with Trump or his supporters.

Photo published for PHOTOS: Midwest Black Family Reunion at Sawyer Point

Trump’s re-tweeted photo of “supporters” was lifted from @WCPO

Eddie and Vanessa Perry, who have been identified as the parents in the photo, are not happy about their family being used as “political propaganda.” Eddie Perry told Buzzfeed that he found the picture to be “misleading” and “taken out of context.” He also said,

‘I’m not saying there aren’t black families who endorse Trump. However, this black family didn’t endorse anyone.’

With instances like these, it’s no wonder Trump is viewed unfavorably by 86% of black and 75% of Latino Voters.

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